BattClock ~ show time, battery, date, free memory on Windows Mobile taskbar

Yeah… There is another good application that installed in my HTC HD2 ~ BattClock. It is on version 1.6 now and more finger friendly compare to version 1.5. Well, as the title mention, BattClock displays time, battery, date, free memory on taskbar. A lot better than Windows Mobile default setting which can only display either time or battery status.

BattClock in action

BattClock Features

  • Very small in memory: 1 Kb in memory (check it with a task manager)
  • No CPU usage: 0.00 % CPU usage, check it with a task manager)
  • Very small on disk: BattClock.exe 17 Kb on disk,
  • Very efficient resource usage (clock update and measuring of battery percentage)
  • No updates with screen off (only listen for screen on event), so no battery usage/drain by BattClock
  • Supported resolutions: 240×320, 240×240, 480×480. 480×640, 480×800, etc. in portrait and landscape mode
  • Supported Windows Mobile 6 Classic, Standard, Professional, 6.5

Download BattClock v1.6 here


  1. thank you for this application. i used to always wonder how to get time on taskbar as when u r on a call or something , this makes it easier. really easy to install and nice application


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