Whip2Snap ~ Take Screenshots by “Whipping” Windows Mobile Phone

We press ‘Print Screen’ key on the keyboard to take screenshot of the PC desktop. How to take screenshot on Windows Mobile Phone? I usually take my HTC HD2 screenshot with BsB Tweaks v1.6. It will capture the screen and save as jpeg format at SD card. But it is only for HTC HD2.

Here is the good news for other Windows Mobile Phone users like HTC Touch Diamond, Diamond2, Pro, Pro 2, HD, and Samsung OMNIA i900. Whip2Snap is the screen capture application for you all.


Whip2Snap Features

  • Storage Card support
  • Customizable behaviour (single/multiple screenshots, with/without confirmation)
  • Cool “whip” sound effect
  • Multiple image format supported as output (png, jpeg, gif and bmp)

Yeah… Personally, I love the png lossless quality format. What I see is what I get in the end…

Download Whip2Snap v1.0 here.


  1. When I download and decompress the ZIP file, I just get an XML file and a few other tiny files. There appears to be no application here. Is the downloaded file bad? Thanks


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