XTAR SC1 Plus Review – 3A Fast Charging & Also a Portable Power Bank

Hey guys, meet the 2 in 1 smallest SC1 Plus Battery Charger from XTAR. Besides having USB-C input with 3A fast charging, it also acts as 10W power bank. Supports Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries. And a lot of sizes too. Working great? Let’s find out now…

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  • XTAR for this XTAR SC1 Plus – Powerful 3A Charger & Smallest Power Bank

Package Content & Design
My XTAR SC1 Plus package includes QC3.0 18W fast charging adapter. Below is the charger info that you might want to know. It also included the anti-counterfeit label. That’s great.

Alright, here are all the package contents. There are SC1 Plus charger, USB-A to USB-C cable, silicone strap and user manual. Power adapter if you bought one.

Outstanding build quality thanks to sturdy plastic housing. In short, rock solid. Compact and light in weight too.

All the charging input and output details are listed at the back.

Here are the USB ports on the top. USB-C is the input while USB-A is the output for power bank.

18W total power output with world wide support. It’s a QC3.0 charger by the way.

Performance Result
XTAR SC1 Plus is loaded with a lot of goodies and safety protections. It has high-precision and fast 3A charging. Comes with 3 charging stages which optimal charging method to prolong battery lifetime. Loaded with anti-short-circuit and anti-reverse. These help to protect your battery too.

The silicone strap has an adjustable 4-level slots to keep the battery tight in place. You can charge all battery sizes with ease then. 26800, 26650, 21700, 18650 and D NI-MH batteries. You name them… And the 4 LED light indicator bars give you the precious charging level. And it will auto stop charging when fully charged.

XTAR SC1 Plus is also a portable power bank. Great during emergency. It surely comes in handy to power your mobile devices. Just swap another battery when juice is running low. Great, right?


  • 3A fast charging with USB-C input
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Charge up to 26800 & D size
  • Also a power bank


  • None from me

Need a charger for 26800, 26650, 21700, 18650 and D NI-MH batteries? Wait no more and get your XTAR SC1 Plus. You will like it as I do. Buy yours at Shopee or Amazon.


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