Best Android 2.2 Froyo Kernel for HTC HD2

Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2 cannot be done without help from the developers. Thanks to them. We are able to use Android on our lovely HTC HD2. Kernel is the heart of operating system, so getting the right one is very important. There are 2 main kernels ~ Hastarin and MDJ Kernels. Both of them are great and you can’t be wrong to use anyone of them.

Hastarin r8.6 Kernel Features

  • Packaged to be compatible with cedesmith’s new style initrd for easy installation on builds using it
  • CIFS support via a module
  • mac address patch for wifi/bt by mdebeljuh.
  • Built without support for ext3 and yaffs
  • Optimized for speed rather than size
  • Removed some debug features the average user isn’t capable of using anyway (dmesg/logcat still work)
  • G-sensor workaround by mdebeljuh & jdivic
  • Smartass governor added as default
  • Sysfs interface for optional under/overvolting (800-1350mV)
  • Optional overclocking (via SetCPU or similar) to 1536MHz – USE AT YOUR OWN RISK – it may damage your phone
  • Optional older battery driver with my patch to support the official HTC extended battery (eb version)

MDJ s8.0 Kernel Features

  • Default 998MHz (SMARTASS governor)
  • Interactive Governor
  • ОС (Max 1536MHz with SetCPU)
  • Classic RCU
  • SLUB
  • Patched Conservative, Interactive & Ondemand governors

Follow the guide ~ How to update Android kernel on HTC HD2? to upgrade to the latest version. Do take note, different version kernel might not work well on your current Android build. Therefore, be sure to make a backup of your SD card before upgrade it.

Download Hastarin r8.6 Kernel here.

Download MDJ s8.0 Kernel here.


  1. i have desire hd rom nand and i need to update the kernel because i have a wifi problem…i used magelder 1.3 to install the room…plz help

  2. Hello Jayce I hope you can help me. I bought 3 clone Cninese cell phones 4 months ago. First the Tops HD2 / HD9 Android 2.2 Dual Sim T8585 CPU mtk 6516 went completly dead it can charge only the bateries and shows on its screen.
    Now the HD7 Pro Multi-touch Android Dual SIM CPU MTK6516 after I unistall the Phone app by mistake The SIM cards are not working and some others.
    The seller gave me a website to download the ROM but is in Chinese and I do not know Chinese.
    Can you help me with a rom for SD to flash the HD7 Pro Multi-touch Android Dual SIM to repair it?
    Regards Emilios

  3. hey dude i tried to make my hd2 a android phone but i’ve been stuck here in magldr boot loader. so i want to go back to my hd2 windows phone. what should i do. please help me out from this mess situstion


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