Download Moto myTouch 4G Android ROM for HTC HD2

While waiting for MDJ FroYo Glacier v2.0, another xda-developer, motoman234 came out another version based on T-Mobile myTouch 4G. It is a nice Android HTC HD2 ROM to try out while waiting for Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM. Most of the things are working and you might need install Superuser application to gain root access for your applications. And I just noticed that the camera has face detection function (might be ported from HTC Desire HD).

Moto myTouch 4G on HTC HD2

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Software information

Installation guide ~ How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2?

Download Moto-Mytouch 4G v0.4 alpha [Kernel hastarin r8.5.3] ROM here



  1. This is the only ROM that I’ve tested that will work for my HD2. Thanks! My question is how do I adjust the time outs for when the screen goes black? I’ve tried adjusting in Settings once the Android is launched, as well as with the original windows OS to time out at 30. It still seems to timeout at 10 seconds.

    I’m running all the required prerequisites: SPL 3.03, Radio 2.15, and Official HTC HD2 ROM v3.14.
    When I first set it up, it didn’t walk me through any onscreen instructions. Should I clear it out and start over? Or is there a quick fix?
    Thanks so much!


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