Digi 4G LTE / LTE-A vs 3G WCDMA / HSPA+ (Video)

Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite is a great deal for those who use data bandwidth a lot and still need to travel around Malaysia. How does Digi performance 4G LTE / LTE-A vs 3G WCDMA / HSPA+? My place does not have LTE-A coverage yet. And my device can’t seem to get higher speed 3G HSPA+. So the battle is fall into 4G LTE vs 3G WCDMA now. Let’s find out Digi Internet speed test performance on both 4G and 3G now…

3G WCDMA is so yesterday. HSPA+ should be a little better. And of course, 4G is the standard now. And look forward to have Digi 4G LTE-A coverage at my place soon.


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