Streamyx 8mbps vs DiGi Postpaid 150 Infinite (Video)

Streamyx 8mbps vs DiGi Postpaid 150 Infinite. Which one will be the winner in the end? I am a long time Streamyx subscriber and wanted to have better Internet connection speed. Just upgrade to TM UniFi will do, right? Yes, if your place has UniFi coverage. End of story. But not the case for me and lot of other Streamyx subscribers out there. Is DiGi Postpaid 150 Infinite a better plan for all of us? Let’s find out…

Clearly, DiGi Postpaid 150 Infinite wins in ping, upload, download and price. It’s no-brainer to change to DiGi Infinite package, right? Not 100% correct, there is stability test too. Same like Streamyx, DiGi performance differs at places. Will cover more in my upcoming articles…



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