Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite Consistency & Stability Tests (Video)

I heard people complaint about Digi 4G LTE performance from time to time. Well, this does not happened to Digi telco only. Same thing apply to other telcos like Maxis, Celcom, U Mobile and more… And it is highly depended on your area. I am facing such issue with land line TM Streamyx as well (once in a while). Nothing is perfect but the problem that I face with Digi 4G broadband during weekend is far worse than I thought. In short, Digi failed in consistency and stability test. Read on to know more…

Err… This is what I get from Digi during weekend. In short, whole Internet world is on slow motion mode. And hang some time.

Download from Google Play Store takes ‘forever’ to finish. I don’t mind slower speed at 10mbps download but need consistency and stability here. Not dropping to below 5mbps like that. Digi, please fix it ASAP. Thanks.

Note – I changed back to Streamyx connection due to that. All my family members are complaining about the Internet connection. Will continue to monitor see if Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite can really be Streamyx 8mpbs replacement or not. Time will tell…


  1. arghhh, i just thought DIGI infinite 150 is my saviour when i moved to my new house(no unifi/streamy) yet,

    i was just about to hop in the LTE bandwagon.

    anyway nice info, hard to find stuffs/review on DIGI infinite 150

  2. so far so good,i even connected the Digi infinte with my IPTV and 3 of my family member using to download,stream movie & play games….”SMOOTH as Heaven”


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