Do you know what is fair usage policy?

Do you know what fair usage policy is? Fair usage policy is a new term to me. So what is fair usage policy anyway? It is a term used by TM Net Streamyx. Hehe… When you see TM Net or Streamyx, you can know that it is not a good stuff already. Yup. It is not a good stuff indeed for a Streamyx user like me who like to use P2P software to download stuffs. When I signed up for Streamyx unlimited plan, I should get unlimited data transfer, right? NO! With fair usage policy, user who uses P2P will have less connection speed. And the transfer rate will be low too.

I am using Streamyx 512kbps package. It is still RM66 for so many years. Thanks to Malaysia government for letting TM monopoly the Malaysia Internet market. If you compare to our neighbor broadband provider, SingTel. Their 10Mbps Unlimited package is only S$ 58 (RM 140) compare to Streamyx 4.0Mbps with RM 268. And all Streamyx packages come along with fair usage policy. Did SingTel have this kind of policy?

Why am I talking all about this? I am thinking to upgrade my current Streamyx 512kbps package to higher speed. However, after looking at the fair usage policy. I kill the plan to upgrade. What is the point to have Streamyx 4.0Mbps while you can only use it as 512kbps or even lower speed?

Do you know any broadband provider in Malaysia that has no fair usage policy?