Download Bing App for Windows Phone v5.1.2010.5040 cab

Latest Bing for Mobile is out. 2 new features added to it. Microsoft team redesigned Bing App for Windows Phone home page. And added turn-by-turn navigation for Windows 6.x phones, powered by Bing Maps. But too bad, it is for US only. Same apply to Google Maps for mobile Navigation ~ US only.

Bing App for Windows Phone

Turn-by-turn navigation

Yeah… As expected, turn-by-turn navigation is not available in Malaysia. So this is what I get only. Cannot continue any further from here. Anyway, the Bing Maps’ is totally wrong in Sungai Petani. Not really useful if turn-by-turn navigation is enabled while the maps are wrong.

Maps view

Yup. Bing Maps is working fine in New York. Roads are correctly mapped. Hmm… For me? I will continue to stick with my precious offline GPS navigator ~ Garmin Mobile XT.

Download Bing for Mobile v5.1.2010.5040 cab here.


  1. I would like to thank Jayce for posting this download. It works great. I was using Amaze until they decided they were going to charge for there service. They wanted like $35 a year. If I have to pay for navigation I’m going to buy a real GPS not a program for my phone. I might have paid a one time fee of $15 for a download. Amaze was good but not that good ($35 a year). Thanks Jayce.



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