Download HTC HD2 ROM Version 3.14 Upgrade

Official HTC HD2 ROM Version 3.14 Upgrade has yet come to HTC SEA. But I don’t care much as I am using custom Windows Mobile ROM ~ Cookie Energy ROM nowadays. And playing with Android builds most of the time. However, some of you might want to check out the latest HTC HD2 ROM if you are one of them who did not flash hardSPL yet. There are several HTC HD2 3.14 builds like Norway: 3.14.409.2, Spain: 3.14.412.2, Portugal: 3.14.410.2, France: 3.14.406.2, Sweden: 3.14.413.2, English: 3.14.405.2, Hong Kong:3.14.831.3… Note – This update is not intended for use on T-Mobile(US) HTC HD2.

HTC HD2 ROM Version 3.14 Improved Functions:

  1. This upgrade for HTC HD2 includes all previously released updates.
  2. For the Contacts application allowing for faster searching and locating contacts.
  3. Enhanced handling for CPU processing that will quicken the background processes allowing for an overall improved experience.

Download official HTC HD2 ROM ROM Version 3.14 Upgrade at HTC Europe, Hong Kong and SEA.

More ROM can be found at xda-developers (direct download link, no serial number needed).

  • World Wide English (WWE) 3.14.405.2
  • Denmark: (DAN) 3.14.403.2
  • Sweden: (SVE) 3.14.413.2
  • Norway: (NOR) 3.14.409.2
  • France: (FRA) 3.14.406.2
  • Spain: (SPA) 3.14.412.2
  • Italy: (ITA) 3.14.408.2
  • Portugal: (PTG) 3.14.410.2
  • Greek: (ELL) 3.14.482.2
  • Germany: (GER) 3.14.407.2
  • Netherlands: (NLD) 3.14.404.2
  • Turkey: (TUR) 3.14.468.2
  • East Europe: (WWE_EastEurope) 3.14.479.2
  • Hong Kong: (HKSCL_WWE) 3.14.831.3
  • Russian: (RUS) 3.14.411.2
  • Chinese: (HKCSL_CHT) 3.14.832.3

Again ~ This update is not intended for use on T-Mobile(US) HTC HD2.


  1. I am running the same NRG rom as you and loving it. I need to access a WPA-Enterprise, TKIP & PEAP wireless network. Out of the box I had to change the registry setting below. It doesn’t seem to be available in the NRG rom. Am I missing something?


  2. hi jayce
    i am using miri rom and running android 2.2 froyo
    is cookie energy rom is also compatible with this android?
    i have red a thread before that it is a pre req to flash the rom before running android, and the suggested rom was miri.
    Please enlighten me. thanks much!

  3. hi Jayce
    when ever i try to download the upgrade the HTC HD2 ROM version 3.14 a message says (sorry, this software download is not suitable for your device). your advice plz


  4. Dear Jayce,

    Need your opinion for upgrading my HD2 ROM.. direct download from are unable to indentify my serial number HT05RNW02432.

    Browsing through xda-developer but still unable to find match for similiar serial number as mine.

    Please help and your expertise in this matter much needed.

  5. wanted to have the latest rom and i have space problem with my HD2, being promted device memory full.. have tried to install clean ram but not sucessfull, same goes with google maps.. most of the wm6.5 app are unable to install..

  6. jayce,need ur help here…i just used WM6.5.3 & Android for a few weeks..but sumthin happen last nite..
    my phone screen freeze,cant touch anythin(not work),only the button function..
    do u hav any idea how to solve my prob?
    i already tried Soft Reset,Hard Reset,Reinstalling WM 3.14 ROM,Downgrade to WM 1.66 ROM (using usb sync WINDOWs MOBILE DEVICE CENTRE) ,still da same.
    realy worried now coz i hav no idea..=((..
    pls help me jayce..thx alot

  7. Hallo, when I Download official HTC HD2 v3.14 ROM, I obtain an RUU_LEO_…. .exe file, how can I transform this in ‘RUU_signed.nbh’ to put it on SD

  8. I have recently bought a HTC HD2 T-Mobile UNLOCKED from the USA, I am in Argentina. I want to upgrade the ROM version because:
    ROM version: 2.13.531.1
    Manila version: 2.5.2012412.2
    I want to upgrade it to 3.14.412.2 but the problem is that when I put my serial number in the official HTC website, it says Invalidad number…….
    What should I do? PLEASE I NEED HELP! :S

  9. Jayce…i follwed all the steps and managed to do it.Blutooth/Wifi/sounds/ all perfect!!
    Took me a long times bcuz of some problems. Upgrading Rom only worked after several times..kept showing error240 error180 etc.. Instaling aMAGLDR also wasnt smooth.
    Finally i could run NAND only after i unchecked ‘allow usb’ in activesync. i almost gave up.
    Thank goodness i didnt… THANKS ALOT BUDDY..Appreciate your patience in answering all these questions..

  10. hi jayce.. i just wanna know if you have the new updates for the htc hd2 tmobile US.. coz i want to change my windows to android.. hope u can help me.. thank you so much

    SPL-2.08HSPL 8G XE
    OS VERSION 5.2.29007
    MANILA VER 2.5.2019


    • Sorry, I am not sure about unlock part as my phone is factory unlocked version. If the freezing is not caused by hardware, install latest Android ROM should solve it.

  12. hey jayce, pls i have a problem. my brother from Germany gave me a HTC HD2 phone, but my problem is that it is in German language and i cant understand anything in it. pls how an i change the language to English? i have tried to download a new version of ROM from htc official web site but when i enter my serial number, it wil bring out a download link of another German version. pls help me wht do i do to enjoy this phone. i need the English ROM badly. thanks.

    • Hmm… I almost forgot about Windows Mobile as I am using Android right now. You can try to change language in the settings (not sure got or not).

      Else install HSPL. Then install custom ROM.

  13. Hi. I got HTC HD2. Want to run android on it from SD, but read that it can’t be done on ROM-v.3.14. Is it possible to get around this? I also read somewhere that I need to run HSPL4 and install HSPL 2.08 when SPL is 3.03.0000?

  14. Hey,i am having problem in downloading HTC HD2 ROM ROM Version 3.14 Upgrade at HTC SEA,this ROM is not downloading completely, however my hd2 is showing UPGRADE ROM CODE ERROR PLEASE TRY AGAIN.
    can anyone tells me what to do because my HD2 is become useless. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    • Sorry, I don’t get you. Do you mean that you have problem to download HTC HD2 ROM from HTC SEA website to your PC? And failed to update your phone with it?

      • yes i am having problem downloading this ROM on my PC,because the size of this ROM is 204 MB,& when i download this ROM it usually takes 4 to 5 mins & shows that the File is download,but when i open the download it gives error ;like RUU_Signed.nbh FILE IS BROKEN OR CORRUPTED.

        Actually yesterday i had installed Windows Mobile 7 on my HTC HD2,but after using it for 15 mins i came to know that this is totally a bull’s shit.. now i am having problems in removing window mobile 7’s Rom from my htc hd2.

  15. Hey Jayce, My HTC HD2 is a not going past the “Stick Together” Screen, I am so frustrated.. Is it possible to remove the Windows Operating System completely??? I also want to install the most up to date Android Operating System on here… This phone has so much potential, I just want it to work! and T-mobile just wants send me another refurbished phone. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  16. If I install WP7 rom on my T-Mobile US HD2 is it possible to install Official T-Mobile US rom again if something goes wrong? I have insurance on it and I like to be able to return to WM6.5 in case I have to use my insurance to replace it.

    Is process same as other official roms or it is different for returning to WM6.5 ?
    ello Jayce,

    I can download offcial WM6.5 rom from T-Mobile website but if phone does have WP7 on it then what do I need to do to go back to WM6.5?

    Plus any link to help with activating Live, XBOX and Marketplace on for WP7 on HD2 without chevron jailbreak?

    And if not how and where to get the NODO version?

    Any link to the best and latest WP7 that known working well and it is complete with instruction will be appriciated. Thanks!

  17. Thanx u r doing a great job.please where or how can i install applications on my android?i use T-mobile do i go back to win6.5?thanx

  18. Hi there,

    I read a lot of you articles, they are great, easy to read and understand.

    however I have a problem here =l I downloaded the ROM but when I try to instal on my phone, I keep getting “ERROR [294] : INVALID VENDER ID” .. ?? =[

    I wish I was smart enough to understand why I cant Instal the 3.14 ROM on my HTC HD2 T8585

  19. heyy
    when i try to install almost any software, theres always a problem, it says that there was an error i think i need to download the upgrade software program or something like that.. i did and the same window error appeared saying i need to check the usb cable, i did and its perfectly fine.. please help me!!

  20. RUU_Leo_S_HTC_WWE_3.14.405.2_Radio_15.42.50.11U_2.15.50.14_LEO_S_Ship

    i live in uk and i have been looking over the htc website for my country update but it never came or may be i am not able to see it. this is some thing i found on xda developers and it says WWE, do you think i can updradge this one to my system.


  21. i tried updating my hd2 rom from 1.66 to 3.14 and when it starts updating download 1 % it stops and say invalid vendor id what does dat means

  22. ive got o.s ver. 5.2.21869(21869.5.0.82)manila ver.2.5.19211619.0 rom ver. 1.66.405.2 00(76641)wwe rom date 01/11/10 radio ver rom protocol ver ,i bought the phone on ebay its unlocked and i dont know da carrier

  23. Dear Sir,

    i purchase my htc hd 2 mobile from australia but now i am in india.

    my rom version is 1.72.841.0(82124) WWE dated 2/23/10.

    many times i try to upgrade the rom but i failed every time.

    please tell me from where i can download the rom file (.exe).

    please help

    Thank you

        • Dear Chetan,

          HTC HD2 is also known as LEO. Click on the link LEO and you will find all the ROMS there. I too have an HTC Leo.


          • Dear vikas

            i am confused, there are too many links. which one is suitable for my htc hd2.

            please keep in my mind that i purchased hd2 from australia and now i m in india.

            please please

            Is this possible to download from htc official website?

            • YOu have to download the ROM For Australia. The HTC Phones are country specific. I got this site from the service center. They were using it to download ROMS. I think Roms with the word “NLD” in them should work with your phone as the New-Zealand Roms are the same as Australian RoMS.


              • ok thanks i try your suggestions.


                if we check the australian site it gives the option for rom download but problem is that my mobile rom vesion and rom’s version is same.

                so download rom from is useless but version is same.

                • Dear vikas

                  i found one link which contain NLD word and rom version is higher than 1.72. is this link work ?

                  Link : HTC_HD2_RUU_Leo_S_HTC_NLD_3.14.404.2_Radio_15.42.50.11U_2.15.50.14_LEO_S_Ship.exe

                  i also check site but htc hd2 mobile is not launched in newzeland .

                  now what to do dear

                  • Dear Chetan

                    This should work. Also try Jayce’s method of updating using SD card. That is better. Compy The NBH File onto the root directory of the SD card after renaming it as leoimg.nbh
                    Also make sure that the sd card it the one you were using in Your phone and has not been formatted on the computer


  24. hey can somebody help me i m using htc hd2 in india i have upgraded my rom but i upgrade the wrong version now it is saying refiash the correct rom or get help from service centre is my phone is dead or it can be revert can u please help me

  25. Hey Jayce
    I have htc hd2 trying to upgrade to 3.14 since the phone was brought from usa it is T-mobile and i have downloaded the ROM also . question is if i upgrade the rom is there any chance the phone will be locked and can’t be unlocked ….
    just confusion to go to latest version
    since i phone upgrade locked the phone

  26. So basically i was downgrading windows7 to windows 6.5 using the rom … i downloaded the software of the htc hd2 and it was all gud until it reached 29% after that nothing happens….its stuck there…i cant even hard reset because i cant turn it off without taking out the battery….i tried the soft reset,the one where you hold vol up and press power, but nothing happen… is there anyway ican reset this to original rom … i dont mind if i lose the stuff…..

    the screen i am stuck at has 4 colors(red,green,blue,and white in order lined up in horizontal lines and it has all the information on the screen and right at the end it says “upgrade rom code error” please try again…i have done the rom upgrade using the software many times and it still gets stuck at 29% …

  27. hi jays i just want to ask i have an hd2 phone and im on android cm7 2.3.7 its running good but its on sd card only i still want to run it directly on the phone i try to upgrade the rom but not succesfull if i will use that cookie energy rom .. will it run android smooth .just give me a suggestion ,,, thnks

  28. heyy jace i tried to install this ROM on my HTC hd2 telstra but no luck cant install it i hspled it then after the ROM got installed when i boot the device it says the os is not designed for this hardware please flash the current ROM code or contact the service center what can i do mate ? help me i want to install android on my hd2 help would be appreciatable:)

  29. Dear Madam,

    I have HTC HD2 with andriod 2.3.7 version, i want to installed 4.0.1 on it. I request you to plesae know. it is possible ?
    1. 4.0.1 is good as well as 2.3.7 ?
    2. please sent link for download for 4.0.1 and all other supported files for download.


  30. sir .. i have a problem in my htc hd2 t8585 .. i follow a tutorial how to make my htc to an android os .. but suddenly it frozen im stuck in white screen with green htc logo .. then i continue the procedure .. now when i open my htc im stuck in aMAGLDR and i cant press any botton so im stuck there.. all i can do is to go in the 4 colored screen.. and i try also to install android gingerbread but there is always an error it says

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (736)

    Error Description: EnterBootloader missing
    Info: .\RSPL\BootLoader.cpp (176)… can you help me??

    or is there a way to uninstall all the rom that i installed?

  31. Hey plz help me i dnt know from what region my htc hd2 has been purchased and i m from india, kolkata.plz help me

  32. Hi I have T-Mobile HTC HD2, american and activated for using in Mexico day was traspasing a video and stock on pink screen “stick togheter”, it have SPL 2.10.0000, then a friend try to fix it but its worse because just show the “sofware update failed, plese try again” black screen, when i booted it shows HSPL 2.08, what can I do? (sorry for my english)

  33. Hi, I want install again the SPL 2.10.0000 or a new one in there to use it like a new phone, I’m try an official T-Mobile ROM (3.14.531.1 I think) but it doesn’t work, try the HSPL4, but doesn’t work, try to charge it the Nandroid and I can’t, I don’t know what to do ’cause I believe I’ll follow the instructions carefully but nothing work, and I think if I send it to repair it will be expensive, thank you for the help and hope you can understanme well, later.

  34. Dear Jayce,
    I am using htc hd2 of Telstra(Outright purchase). which Rom version is 1.72.841.0. How can I update rom version to 3.14.xxxx or above & how to upgrade OS windows mobile 7 for hd2. Can I install World Wide English (WWE) 3.14.405.2 ROM for my Telstra hd2. Please advice.

    Kind regards,

    Monir Ahmed.

  35. Dear Jayce,
    It’s O.K. about your reply for Telstra but can you help me how can I update the ROM for my htc & how can I install Android OS on SD card for dual boot.


  36. Hi I have been given a HD2 from Germany and it is in German – can you help me in getting a ROM which I can install and change everything to english???
    from a very frustrated english woman in Germany.x

  37. hi Joyce
    HTC HD2 T9193
    Manila v2.5.20121431.1
    OS v5.2.2.1859(21869,5082)
    I was running android on the nand rom n it stack after i have run the MAGLDR v 1.1.1
    just stack at HTC logo pls help me what can i do

  38. hi jayce
    I was trying to install android on my hd2 and it stack at htc logo
    when i run the RUU exe in the MAGLDR v1.1.1 pls what can i do
    moreover the phone is giving to me by a friend from australia

  39. Have a htc hd2, went through root process, magldr, radio, and my microsoft activesync stopped working on my pc, it let me start the windows 7 process but not finish and now i have deleted activesync and reinstalled and still the phone will not sync with activesync to finish the download. Any suggestions.

  40. I have htc hd2 it has a logo of Tmobile and works on orange (Poland). I tried to update it to Android I uploaded a Magdlr 1.13v and my mobile start and vibrate 7 times and i cant see any menu from Magdlr.
    If i am flashing it back I can only see white screen with htc logo and then it vibrate 7 time.

    Can u please give a Rom for HTC HD2 Orange Poland. I tried many rom it stop at 8% or 9%.
    I hope u can help me bro

  41. hi jayce , i have T mobile HTC HD2 bought on UK with and imei no 35412003431613101

    i have os verison 5.2 , manila version 2.5.19 rom version 1.13.11..2 (70315) WWE

    I tried to install android on it , went through various pages

    i followed the above link to install ics on my phone, was able to update spl to 2.08 and further cant update my rom… Can you help me please.. and yes i also went through most of your pages reagarding updating rom in HTC hd2 cant resove the issue

    will the phone brick if i used rom downlaoded from XDA developers ??
    It was gifted me by my relative from UK !!

  42. i tried restoring the stock rom but it said
    upgrade rom code error please try again

    PB81100 SS-BC
    SPL-3.03.0000 XE
    MicroP(LED) 0X05
    MicroP(TOUCH) 0X50

  43. Hi Jayce,from lots of hours I’m trying to download official windows 6.5 but can’t getting correct link ,above link also not working.plz help

  44. i am using nexus hd2 jellybean but my mobile hanks after smtime so i want to install my factory windows so anybody can help me to download htc hd2original rom . thaNKS

  45. Hey there, i’m Chris. got an htc hd 2 windows mobile by orange France. so its having only french language. so i wanted to install android ginger bread. but the first step when i try to upgrade the rom with RUU_Leo_S_HTC_WWE_3.14.405.2_Radio_15.42.50.11U_2.15.50.14_LEO_S_Ship secon,when it reach the place where you see the progress on pc and on phone, i get and error message like this: The Rom Update Utility has encountered communication errors
    during update process.The program will guide you step-by-step
    to recover from the errors so you can continue with the update. and when i remove my battery and put it back, turn on the power, it starts normal. please i need to run android what should i do? help me please
    best regards!

  46. Hi Jayce, thanks for the update! well, tried the nanandrod from the link you provided above, step by step, could not complete it. i started from the beginning by doing “How to Install HSPL4 on HTC HD2? (Video)” everything worked well, but when i reached “How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 on HTC HD2, time to execute Daf.exe i get this error message. the first time i press its normal, when press next, i get this “Readme.txt for this release is missing” when i press next again, i got this”An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: Config load failed.
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (725)

    Error Description: CONFIG: can’t open config file
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (304)

    Readme.txt for this release is missing.” so what i did was i flashed it back with WWE LEO ROM now in English windows. but please i need to run Android help me out! God bless you.
    best Regards

  47. hi Jayce
    i want to hard reset my hd2 t8585 dual sim but if i try doing it by pressing volume up + volume down + power button it appears “ERROR COPYING FILE FROM SD CARD FAILED, SYSTEM WILL SHUT DOWN.

  48. hi sir
    pls provide me htc hd2 s/n :HT01JNW01859 CUSTOM ROM information link or any website..
    htc care said me that it was released by virgin mobile uk

    can you tell me which rom is suitalbe for it or i should try….
    i have searched htc uk page supprt but rom is not avail there…


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