Download JDMS DeFroST Android ROM for HTC HD2

Yeah, I am in love with CyanogenMod Android build (while am a HTC Sense fan). Why? Because it is using Hastarin #R8 Kernel. Faster and better than michyprimaโ€™s R11+AXI kernel (and no more light sensor issue). Hastarin kernel is the best Android HTC HD2 kernel that I use so far. JDMS DeFroST Android ROM is Android Froyo 2.2.1 (FRG83) + CyanogenMod + Hastarin #R8 Kernel. So it is fast and lot of customization can be done. But no HTC Sense here…


Quadrant score
Software information

Yes, this is the fastest Android that I tried without overclocking the CPU ~ 1864 Quadrant score. But battery life seems like not good after few testing. Anyway, try it out and do check out other variety builds at xda-developers.

Installation guide ~ How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2?

Download JDMS v1.5 DeFroST Hastarin R8 stock PPP ROM here.


  1. Hey Jayce. To be honest, with all the andriod roms I’ve tried, every one of them has a “I will drain your battery! Mwahaha!” attitude to them. You’ve probably heard of setcpu though – I last a little longer with it set on interactive.

  2. Hi, my HD2 is lagging lately… don’t know why, I want to change the rom coz I think it causes my HD2 to slow down… have you tried elegancia rom by Steve007??? it’s pretty cool…

  3. Hello Jayce.. do you think this is the most stable Android build for HTC HD2?.. i am looking for a non battery eater, non freezing one, can you advice me one?
    this one looks pretty cool
    thanks jayce!

  4. i already try some of the android yesterday i used Mdeejay eVo Sense Matted. then when i tried to boot windows, its stock, its open twice but when i lock it. its stock untel now and try to hardreset it stock in hard reset screen.

  5. Hi Jaycee,

    I’m using an htc hd2 with android version (given below) . I’m facing some issues like some of the applications i downloaded through market is not working properly as it crashes while booting the android or while the app loading (force to shutdown error is coming) and my music player seems to be not working properly, doesn’t play songs good as it always dragging the song and there is one more issue on the phone , it takes too long time to switch on while unlocking.

    my software infor

    kernal – (oedevel@jongkorenddkjik @ 69

    baseband –

    android =2.2

    Please advice me which android version is more stable and has good batter backup ( i dont bother whether htc sense is required or not).


  6. ,hi jayce i wanna ask about hd2 on wm7 dual boot android which the best android rom for stable and non hang rom what is the best rom?im using hd2 already windows 7 but after restart i swtich to android it lagging sometime can’t boot to android stuck and android bootup logo screen, any idea?when on windows 6.5 it works prefect …but on dual boot wm7 and android problem come.. pls help

  7. hi jayce, i have a couple of questions for you related to this android version. 1: Can the apps be installed on SD card? 2: Does the camera, video recorder, bluetooth, wifi, 3g and other important things work? 3: Do i need to upgrade ROM to 3.14?

    • 1. This is SD Android. So everything (OS + apps) is installed on SD card.
      2. Sorry, I forgot.
      3. No, as long as you have HSPL3 and correct radio ROM will do.

      • i installed hspl3 and radio 2.14. and it all happend as in the video guides. i then download the file of this android version. then extracted it to root of sd card. then ran the HATRET file. it took about 5 min for the first boot and android started and worked well. but when i turned off the phone and ran that file it started booting but after 2 min phone restarted itself and boot windows mobile 6.5 and some time the black screen with htc logo keeps on booting for more than 30 mins. what should i do? it never started again after the first time.

  8. hey Jayce, i have a question..
    will this rom ( JDMS DeFroST ) work if i have the following info:
    OS version: 5.2.21913 (21913.5.0.94)
    ROM version: 3.14.405.2 (04666) WWE
    Radio version:
    Protocol version:
    thank you Jayce! ๐Ÿ˜€


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