Download Mdeejay FroYo Sense 2.2.1 (FRG83) Android ROM for HTC HD2

Yeah… Mdeejay is one of the best chef in xda-developers. You don’t need to worry about his cook. Here you are, the latest and greatest Android 2.2.1 Sense build. It is using Froyo 2.2.1 (FRG83) and hastarin R7.2 kernel. Everything is working fine. And performance is good also…

Okay, there are several touches in the video that did not have response. And I have to touch them again. That’s only happen in video. G-sensor is working fine on Teeter. One thing that I love most ~ Google Ads javascript is supported. I can have real full browsing experience on this Android build. The other Android build that support this feature is Desire HD build but performance is a little slow. But this Evo 4G Sense build is great…

Installation guide ~ How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2?

Download Mdeejay FroYo Sense v.3.0a | 2.2.1 (FRG83) | kernel : hastarin R7.2 ROM here (Link removed by ROM chef).


  1. Swype keyboard? That is the one thing keeping me from Android full time. Seems like you have to install it and alot of versions out there expire, correct?

    I had one working on the Desire ROM but it was SLOW πŸ™

  2. hi jayce,

    i already run this rom on my HD2, but when i wanna send MMS, the MMS cannot be send.
    is there any setting i need to modified or change? FYI, im using Maxis.


  3. Hi
    My incoming call has no ring, it works when I set it to vibrate, but when the profile is set to normal, no sound or ring. Can you please help.
    Ta much

      • Thanks for quick reply, I have tried that already several times… πŸ™
        Even downloaded Mobilo Ringtones from Marketplace, downloaded a number of ringtones and tried setting them as default… still no sound for incoming calls.
        This is making my phone useless as I am not able to any calls coming in.

  4. Hey Jayce. Im using the FroyoStone Sense – Version 3.2 from darkstone. But when i play music it kind of lags and scratches. Does the music one this build work well with no lag or anything.
    Thx in advance. πŸ˜‰

  5. I’m just curious I have this rom working perfectly on my hd2, but I’m kind of wanting the hd7. So my question is if I decide to get the hd7 will it run android also.

  6. sup jayce i want to try the android on my htc hd2 but my phone is totally stock? is that a problem? if i download android on my phone s gonna be faster?

  7. Hey jayce, I just wanted to know if there has been a crack in making an android rom for the HTC HD7. My bro has the HD2 and says he’s running something called core droid or something like that. I don’t have either of these phones but I wanted to surprise him with the HD7 running android

  8. hey jayce i downloaded this rom but theres only 1 file showing when i extracted it and that is data.img and what am i suppose to do with it to get this rom on my htc hd2


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