How to install applications to SD card directly on Android?

HTC HD2 does not have much internal storage space like native Android phone. It has only 512MB NAND memory to use. And most of them are used by system files and left only around 150MB to 200MB for user data. This is not enough for certain users. This is not a big problem because Android 2.2 Froyo can help to move applications from internal storage to SD card. But this is a manual task…

How to install applications to SD card directly on Android?
NAND Android with A2SD+ does not have this kind of issue because it will install applications into EXT partition on SD card directly. However, not all the NAND Android supports A2SD+. But we can make it happen by ourselves with Darktremor Apps2SD’s help.

Darktremor Apps2SD Features

  • Move applications (both free and paid) to the Secure Digital card.
  • Move Dalvik Cache to run either from your Secure Digital card or from your cache partition and clears the cache on demand.
  • Boot Loop Protection: prevents the phone from boot looping in the event the SD card could not be mounted.
  • Dalvik JIT for faster performance on Roms which support it.
  • User selectable sizes for the Dalvik heap sizes, allowing a user to freely optimize their system.
  • Activate a swap partition on your SD card and sets how often the swap partition is utilized.
  • Automatically fixes configuration issues.
  • Users can check the free space on their SD card and check the installation to make sure all is setup correctly.
  • Runs ZipAlign on demand…this makes your programs load faster.
  • Built in help system for easy reference of commands.
  • All features can also be reversed without repartitioning your Secure Digital card.
  • New logging features assists in troubleshooting issues.
  • Commands to set the Low Memory Killer feature at boot time. Great for those people who are the “set it and forget it” type.

I successfully made JDMS Ultimate NAND Android Zip ROM to support A2SD+. First of all, you need to create an EXT3 partition with ClockworkMod Recovery. (I tried to install Apps2SD on EXT4 but failed). Then install it like the way to install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery. That’s it.

All your installed applications will be moved to EXT3 partition on SD card. And new applications will be installed there as well. No need to worry running out of internal storage space anymore…

Download Darktremor Apps2SD Beta 03a here.


  1. Hello Joyce,

    How are u doing great man? i read all ur post, but i would like to know if u can tell me how to remove window’s 6.5 from my hd2, i want to remove it finally and place a froyo or nand pls help me. Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Jayce,

    Why the application i installed majority in internal storage even i already create an EXT3 partition with ClockworkMod Recovery and install Darktremor Apps2SD .

      • Morning,

        i am using the DMS Ultimate NAND Android Zip ROM , btw.. i wil check out with ubuntu ist and come back to u later ..thanks

  3. jayce,
    i have follow your steps till…create an EXT3 partition with ClockworkMod Recovery – done
    but prob is i done copy all file in “dtapps2sd-” into SD root but when load 1. Boot AD SD, it just cannot proceed…
    you said “Then install it like the way to install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery.” can i hav full details ka? am i copy to real root directory? or possible if you step by step?
    actually i want to apps2sd…
    thank you

  4. Seems like we cannot fully move the entire apps to sd? I see that it still uses some ram space. I try to manually move it and still some ram spaces is used.

    Have you tried to move dalvik so sd? I guess it might slow down slightly?

  5. But den app2sd application can not move the complete app.. some part of the app still in my phones internal memory…?? Any idea or solution to dis.. and dis app cant move all the applications too.. My handset is Galaxy ace.. Android 2.2

  6. hi jayce… is it necessary for me partition my sd card to ext4 format in order to let the darktremor a2sd support it? is ext3 supported as well? thank you in advanced.

        • hi jayce.. i have ady installed a rom.. sanginger which come with Darktermor2sd.. and i have partitioned ext3 in my sd too. .but when i installed apps.. still my internal space are decreasing..

            • hi, i have d htc hd2 512mb, i installed android rom as follow
              Android version 2.2.1
              baseband version
              kernel verison #14sat Aug 6 13:59:53CEST 2011
              build number 1.84.832.2
              software number BOYPPC-HTC HD2 V23c
              browser version webkit 3.1
              my problems are, d bluetooth is malfuctioning and says file does not exist when i try to send file, if i try to receive, it just disconect after pairing, also d mms brings a force close error when i try to send mms, then d internal memory issue is really disturbing me, i have installed dtapps2sd- as u instructed to all my installed apps still goes under phone memory, now i cant even install again because i have just 12mb internal memory left and 13gb external memory, please help, thanks in advance.

  7. Hi, am using Samsung Galaxy Ace
    Am getting below mentioned error when running A2SDGUI
    “Could not start for one of these reasons
    1.Your device is not rooted
    2.A2SD Scripts could not be found
    3.No EXT partion foun
    Please help

  8. hi jayce,

    i’ve installed darktremor as you said,
    what is the next step after rebooting,
    will device install apk to sd card directly?
    if so my installation is incorrect, becasuse i am still consuming my internal memory,

    (rom:htc nexus hd2 zip -cwm)

  9. Hello Mr. Jayce. I’m Iz from Malaysia. Ok. So here is my problem. I just update my phone ‘Spice MI300’ to froyo 2.2. Before this my phone was Eclair 2.1. So, now my real problem is, I can’t find “my download @ download file” or something like that icon on my phone. So I don’t know how to install apps from my SD Card. Maybe you can share some tips to install apps directly form SD Card? Thank you and I’m sorry for my very bad english.

  10. Hello Jayce, Thanks for the article.
    I’ve used Revolutionary tool to obtain S-OFF , installed Clockworkmod after revolutionary, then flashed “su-” and obtained root to my HTC Desire (bravo) gingerbread 2.3.3 (official ruu). Everything fine. Partitioned sd card with 3 partitions (fat32+ext3+swap) and I WOOLD LIKE TO ASK If there is a way to use Darktremor Apps2SD to move my apps to ext 3, that is if the scripts used by Darktremor are compatible with my official gingerbread rom?

  11. hi,buddy am using samsung galaxy ace i have problems in downloading..suppose the application is minimum 50mb means it is taking default phone memory only not able to install in memory card…how to solve this problem give some ideas……or any software need for this

  12. Hey everybody need a help! I had instaled Android 2.3.2 Base.vers Karnel on my Tmobile-US HD2. It works good I like that! But I have a problem with my SD CARD 16GB on it. The phone showing my All files on SD Card through File Manager. The phone see IT. But all any operations with this SD CARD even do not possible!!!!! I can not move nothing to it and off it! CAMERA DOES NOT WORK, PICTURES . AND MY PC CAN NOT OPEN THIS CARD!

  13. Now sd-manager does not showing my nothig on SD. What I have to do???? To format? My PC cant see IT! Moreover, after I want to reload Android it is not going to MAGLDR MENU, but start load Android at once. It is Was my mistake before installing ?????

  14. You know what? the first I do HSPL4 going good, than Radio going good, then MAGLDR 1.13 and after this SD-card already going with mistake. I cant copy the Android ROM zip file to SD. No phone, no PC cant open it/ I dont know what the hell is this (((((

  15. Hey jace i basically wat to install big apps like about 900 mb or so for example 9mm hd but im not able to install on sd what do i do

  16. HI,

    Currently im using Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on my HTC HD2. As u know its consume very much internal storage. I had try the above method seems didnt work. Is this one of android 4.0 beta bugs ? regards.

  17. Dear Jayce,

    i already installed android rom on my HTC HD2 wiht HSPL4 and Recovery, but its removed the Windows 6.5 that been on my phone…. the problem is i lost my phone’s contacts and all the messages…. any solution with you that can restore my phone’s contacts and my messages.

    thank you very much.

  18. sorry Jayce, another question. 🙂
    my internal memory on the phone is low.. and the nand android need more size for the applications… how i can ext that memory?

  19. Dear Jayce,

    this will work on sgs2 and sgs3? install all application to sd card?.. just asking…. im new here…


  20. hi jayce,
    i m using LGp698. my problum is that it has only 162MB of internal memory. so when i install softwares from google play store, some of them can move to sd card manually but most can not and they install in internal memory. now i have only 6 MB of internal memory and getting message of low internally memory. is there some way to install all downloded softwares to sd card. or move them to sd card. waiting for responce plz.

  21. hi jayce,
    i have HTC NEXUS HD2 window mobile. some time ago i instol android version but now last 3 month i m suffering of low space error so how to kill its otherwise and more data not install in my phone please give me answer and also say me about any easy software………

  22. Hi,

    I have micromax A57..
    i face problem of low space..
    i install link2sd but i got same error…
    so tell wich is the best software for me…?


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