How to fix slow GPS signal lock-on issue on Android HTC HD2?

Normally, cooked Android ROM for HTC HD2 does not have your location data in gps.conf (unless you live in the same place as the ROM chef). It was set to his region. Therefore, it is hard for you to get a fast GPS signal lock on at your place…

How to fix slow GPS signal lock-on issue on Android HTC HD2?
Open gps.conf file (located at /system/etc) with Root Explorer. Get your nearest NTP server name from NTP Pool website. Like my case in Malaysia, is the server name. So I just replace the existing one ( in gps.conf with Then reboot my phone. That’s all.

I tested with Google Maps and PAPAGO!. GPS signal lock on speed is far better than before…


  1. Dude how do u edit? using root explorer v2.5
    and i can just only open the file as text but how to actually edit the text?

  2. marvelous!!!!..gud tips…as mine default pool is, 1st time trying to lock signal take about 4-5 minutes(outside), then after change to, the signal can lock on just 30 sec…imagine that..furthermore i’ll test it inside the building near open window..

  3. You hold down the file, scroll to the bottom and click, open text editor or something.
    I just tried this after my gps not working at all, and my gps is still not working……….


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