Download Ultimate Droid 3.1.1 NAND RAM Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2

As expected, lot of ROM chefs started to release a new version of their ROM after Bluetooth battery drain was fixed. Tytung r8.2 Kernel is the first one that I found to include this Bluetooth battery drain fix patch. And Ultimate Droid 3.1.1 v3 is using this kernel. As usual, most of the latest ROMs are using Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. Same apply to Ultimate Droid 3.1.1. By the way, this new version is using Perspicuus Theme by Dellacorte.

Ultimate Droid 3.1.1 on HTC HD2

Quadrant score
Stock 3D Launcher
Software information

Update ~ crawlingcity released v4 which is using stock theme (which I like personally) instead of Perspicuus Theme and Tytung R8.3 Kernel.

SD card partition guide ~ How to create ext3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery?

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

Download Ultimate Droid 3.1.1 v3 [Kernel: Tytung R8.2] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM here.

Download Ultimate Droid 3.1.1 v4 [Kernel: Tytung R8.3] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM here.


  1. Installation instruction is for another build. Can you please update it for the current build which is “Ultimate Droid 3.1.1 NAND RAM Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2”.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi there,

    I have just installed the 2.2.1 version, how can I upgrade to “Ultimate Droid 3.1.1”. Kindly please help??????

  3. Hi! Do I need to install ClockworkMod Recovery,Gnome Partition Editor (GParted Live),
    partition SD card for A2SD+ NAND Android ROM to use the Utimate Droid build? I tried reading your posts but got completely lost. Can you please please please provide at least a step by step name of softwares/apps that I need to download for my Ultimate Droid build…. Thank you so much Jayce!

    • 1. HSPL3 ~ SPL-2.08.HSPL
      2. Radio v2.15
      3. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader
      4. ClockworkMod Recovery

      Just use ClockworkMod Recovery to create EXT3 partition on SD card will do. No need to use GParted Live. Finally, install Ultimate Droid.

      • Thank you for that information Jaycee. I think Im getting nearer to understanding how to install the Ultiimate Droid build. I havent done anything to my HTC HD2 yet. My OS is the updated ROM version ROM: 3.14.707.3 and my SPL 2.14.

        Based on your posts and your responses to your readers, Are these steps correct?

        1. Downgrade my ROM to Version: 1.66.707.1
        2. After I downgrade, I need update my SPL to 2.15
        3. Install/Run DFT MAGLDR Bootlader
        4. Then make partition using ClockworkMod Recovery
        5. Finally install the Ultimate Droid OS

        Are these steps correct? Pls advise. And if there’s something wrong/lacking please teach me. Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Jayce,
    I have a bit of problem with my HD2 running this built. found I can install Skype and Google+. On market app it says your app will be downloaded shortly, I see the down arrow on status bar above for a second and nothing happens. This is really annoying me now, can you suggest any way to find whats happening here and why its not installing these 2 apps. There might be more which it cant install but its just these 2, I have found not to be installing.

  5. Hi Ash,

    According to my experience, When u install skype on HD2, it make your can’t hear the conversation smoothly and can’t receive calling too.

  6. Put an other link please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant download it!!!!!!!!!!!?>?????????????:'(


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