Download DL DesireZ SD MAGLDR Android ROM for HTC HD2

Yeah… Here is another SD MAGLDR Android ROM ~ DL DesireZ. It is based on HTC Desire Z, Android 2.2.1 Froyo and using Tytung Kernel. And it supports landscape view ~ HTC Sense Rotatable Launcher which includes Music app, Weather app, FM Radio, HTC Contacts in landscape mode.

DL DesireZ on HTC HD2

Quadrant score
Software information

Installation guide ~ How to Install MAGLDR on HTC HD2? (Video)

How to install it on SD MAGLDR?

  1. Copy Desire_DL folder to your SD card root level.
  2. Edit boot_mode=2 at config.txt in Desire_DL folder.
  3. Copy data.img to Desire_DL folder (either 512Mdata.7z or 1gdata.7z)
  4. Put SD card into your phone.
  5. Power on it (don’t let go power button).
  6. It will load into MAGLDR bootloader.
  7. Go to ‘Services’.
  8. Select ‘BootSettings’.
  9. Select ‘AD SD Dir’.
  10. Select ‘DESIRE~1’ directory.
  11. Finally, select ‘Boot AD SD’.
  12. It will boot into Android.
  13. That’s all.

Download DL DesireZ v3.4 Final [Kernel: Tytung] SD MAGLDR ROM here.


  1. Im on his NAND version and SD build, NAND definitely smoother and has faster loading. However my NAND quadrant score is 1337, while SD (load via MAGLDR) has 2378 …

    Strange! the IO speed in SD method ‘faster’ than NAND build

  2. Hi Jayce,

    Sorry if I sound naive. Only recently, I have started using FroYo and I am running MDJ FroYo sense matted. I would love to upgrade my sweetie pie HD2 to more Android flavours, but not to the NAND yet (I dont want to go for a big leap right now as I will be losing win 6.5)

    The title of this post says its SD MAGLDR desire Z and your steps describe to extract them and put it in SD card where my current android is running (root folder). But the installation guide link (How to install magdlr on HTC HD2? (Video)) and from point 5 lets me into confusion.

    My queries:

    If its just like other android ROMs that we put in root of SD card and just run CLRCAD.exe and haret.exe, then what is the need of the link to install magdlr?

    What is the importance of the points listed from 5? Should they be followed mandatorily to have this ROM running?

    Will this work as usual if I replace my current android folder with the contents in desire_Z?

    One more thing: I already have one data.img in my current flavour, can I use the same .img for this desize_z also instead of getting new data.img for this? If the data.img only give the extra/market available stuff, Can I use my existing .img file itself?

    I respect your precious time in answering my queries above. It will be greatful, if you can answer them in detail.


    • Above installation steps are for SD MAGLDR (for Windows Phone 7 or NAND Android). Please refer to XDA website for normal SD card installation (for Windows Mobile 6.5).

  3. Hi Jayce, i installed it but after boot to android it said my internal memory is full. then i go and look up on the memory , my sd card has 6.1 gig but my internal is 0. so how ha…keep asking me to remove some program but all the program is locked from deleting also.

  4. Hi Jayce. ive installed magldr 1.13, then i want to try this rom out as my nand, but it is a bit complicated. can i just flash it to my hd2 via usb flasher mode without partitioning my sd card??? thanks a lot.

  5. Hi Jayce,

    I have few questions here..

    1. I’ve installed android mostly on ur tutorial here.. (+10 gud job).. now icurrently i’m using aMAGLDR ver 1.12 and i wanted to upgrade it to 1.13.. is it possible? and how?? and nowdays, i’m having problem to flash radio, etc on my device. I got Desire HD also but somehow there’s no problem.. was it because of both device was configured with the same laptop? pls advise..

    2. Is it possible if i restore the WM 6.5 on the HD2? after all installation/flash that i’ve made?

    thank you in advance

    • Sub7even, here is the guide how u wanna upgrade 1.12 to 1.13

      This is the website to download magldr 1.13

      What kind of problem u have? are they any error code while flashing ur radio?is it stuck at 0%?

      to get back to winmo just flash it back a stock rom. u nid stock rom version 1.66 which support HSPL, so that u can try wp7 or android later on.. current stock rom is 3.14, which is not supported by HSPL.

      if u want to go from leo 3.14 to magldr again – here was my process
      stock 3.14 -> stock 1.66 -> HSPL 2.08 -> radio 2.15 -> magldr 1.13

      if there is any shortcut let me know.. 😉

  6. Hi I have tried this method step by step but every time i launch desire z rom from magldr it just leads into a constant loop of the droid image. This has gone for one hour. Is there a step missing that i’m aware of? please help

  7. I am having the same problem as Dualboot. Constant loop of droid image:( I am running magldr 1.12. Am i missing something? I tried both boot_mode=1 and 2…nothing. PLease help us! Thanks:)

  8. Same problem as above i have MAGLDR V1.12 i already have WP7 and its running great the SD card partitions are correct but Android wound boot it just gets stuck in the Droid loop

  9. Hello Jayce,

    I have tried the Desire Z and it works fast on my HD2. But whenever I want to take a video or a photo, it is asking me to install an SD card. Also, downloading requires an sd card.

    Is there a way I can partition the SD, so that, it can be used for storing downloads and apps?

    Thank you very much .



      • Hi Jayce.

        I booted with this but I’m having the same problem as John. Any solutions as yet, since this is an old post? It’s going to take me quite a while to search posts on xda-developers.

        And yes, it’s quite fast and I like it thus far, only don’t know what to do about the SD card issue. Not only the camera, other apps which need an SD card too ask for the same. 🙁



  10. Hi Jayce,

    I thought I’d load an Android 2.2 stable on my SD, even though I’ve got a 2.2 on NAND, as there do not seem to be any Android 2.3 stable versions with HTC sense out there on SD. I have one question: There is an file within the folder. How do we update the kernel?

      • Thanks Jayce… I don’t think I’ll touch the NAND version it’s working quite well. Also there are some files in this which are not present in the ROM folder.

        I think I’ll try and install without updating on SD and see how it works. You think that’s a good idea?

        • You need to test it out yourself because I am not familiar with SD build. Did not use it for quite long time. Anyway, always make a backup before you change anything.

          • OK, installed it without the update, seems to be working fine. We do need to partition our SD card, or else the apps needing the SD card will not find it, and they will ask it to be inserted. I did a FAT32, EXT2 and linuxswap, all primary. I’m not sure if the linuxswap is needed, but I just partitioned about 500MB to be safe. This can also be a reply to John Acielo’s post above.

  11. may i know specifically what files do i need to have on a 8gig card. does the hd2 need to be running a working wm or android for it to boot into sd android?


  12. i followed but u am stuck at 123456 gogogo

    does the sd card need to be partition

    my HD2 have no other OS as i tried to make it boot from nand without success (same problem, stuck at 123456 gogogo as well)

    so since i dun have another “OS” do i still partition my SD card

  13. Hi, i tried the this and the Markinux SD Android but both are not loading, i am still stuck at 123456 gogogo screen ..

    how long is the loading supposed to take ? the sd card need not be partitioned specially ?

    btw i tried to reinstall wm 6.5 and it works but after which i “lost” my magldr and after I reinstall it, my WM 6.5 is gone // how can i boot up wm6.5 in my ROM and try running Sd-android?

    • Hi richard,

      Do this:
      1. Install MAGLDR 1.13
      2. Wipe clean your SD card. Have two partitions: FAT32 and EXT2, both primary. The EXT2 partition should be just a little over 1GB, say 1.05GB. I use MiniTool Partition Wizard.
      3. Just copy the “Desire_DL” folder to your SD card (FAT32 partition).
      4. Insert the card into your phone. After this long press switch on your phone into MAGLDR.
      5. Go to “Services” using the vol down button. Select using “call” key.
      6. Select “Bootsettings” -> “AD SD DIR” -> “Desire_DL” folder -> “Boot AD SD” the same way.
      7. Wait… Wait… Wait… Do not unlock your screen the first time for about 5 mins. – Enjoy your ROM!



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