How to disable Samsung Galaxy S II battery fully charged notification sound?

Err… I hate Samsung Galaxy S II battery fully charged notification sound during night while I am sleeping. Come on, who is the one that come out this idea? And there is no way to turn off the fully charged notification sound in the settings. Hmm… There is a way to disable it totally by changing the system file. But that will require some Android technical knowledge ~ Android Debug Bridge (adb). Not so suitable for new comer which don’t know anything about it. No worry, Battery Charged Silencer comes to rescue…

Battery Charged Silencer

Battery Charged Silencer will be activated when phone is being charged. And disable notification sound during 99% – 100% battery charge level. Enable back after fully charged. Furthermore, you can configure time range when to mute the notification sound. I set it during my sleeping period. A must installed Android application for Samsung Galaxy S2.

Download Battery Charged Silencer at Android Market here.



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