Samsung Galaxy S II Leather Pouch

I used to keep my HTC HD2 in the leather pouch that bundled along. And planned to use pouch to keep my new SGS2 too. However, the genuine Samsung Galaxy S II Leather Pouch looks like a purse to me. I prefer the slide out pouch. Therefore, I bought a cheap one from eBay…

eBay Samsung Galaxy S II Leather Pouch Features

  • 100% new good quality leather case
  • Soft quality inner decoration
  • Compact, ultra durable and stylish
  • Smooth and soft, Keep your phone safe, clean and scratch-free

Hmm… Based on the price, it should be a synthetic leather pouch. Anyway, I don’t care as long as it can protect my Samsung Galaxy S2. And SGS2 can still be charged even put in the pouch. However, it does not cover all the top part of SGS2.



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