How to fix Nexus 7 screen flickering issue?

Oh no, my Google Nexus 7 has screen flickering issue. Guess that I am one of the lucky guys out there who face this Nexus 7 screen flickering issue. Actually, it is Nexus 7 display screen backlight that has issue. And this Nexus 7 screen flickering issue only happens when you have poor Wi-Fi signal (with active upload or download activities) and display brightness lower than 30%. I can easily see this issue because my old Wi-Fi router is still at IEEE 802.11g only (802.11n have better coverage range).

How to fix Nexus 7 screen flickering issue?
Temporary solution… Refer to this guide to improve your current wireless network – How to improve wireless network signal & boost its range? Or get a better Wi-Fi router with 802.11n or above. And manually set brightness above 30%. Or turn off Wi-Fi when no using it.

Permanent solution… Send your Nexus 7 back to Asus for warranty claim – change faulty hardware. Or exchange it if yours still within 15 days date of purchase. Or wait for software update from Google that can fix this Nexus 7 screen flickering issue (if this is software related issue but I doubt that).


  1. It’s an app called LUX. It won’t fix the issue, it being a ‘hardware’ issue but it will MASK the flickering.

    If you want a permanent FIX to the issue, open up the back and apply a small piece of electrical tape (walmart) on the wifi antenna. You’ll be all set.


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