How to import Windows Mobile contacts, calendar into Android?

How to import Windows Mobile contacts, calendar into Android? This is not a question for those who have HTC Android phone. As they can use HTC Sync 3.0 to import contacts, calendar directly from Outlook to Android. But that’s a famous question for Google Nexus One users. Or Android HTC HD2 users with Nexus One, CyanogenMod 6, build without Sense.

How to import Windows Mobile contacts, calendar into Android?

  1. How to export Windows Mobile Phone contacts, calendar & mail to Google Account?
  2. How to import Google Account contacts, calendar & mail to Android phone?

Just follow these 2 steps. And you are done. My MIUI Android ROM for HTC HD2 has all the contacts and calendar finally.


  1. Hi,
    I’m currently running cyanogenMod on my HTC HD2, when I go to contacts it says that I can add new contact or import/export, it’s say go to menu/import, but I don’t what menu they are talking about. Can you please help as I would like to import contacts from my sim card?


    • Go to Phone. Then select Contacts tab. Press Windows hardware key to bring up properties. Select Import/Export. Finally, select Import from SIM card. That’s all.

      • Hi Jayce,
        Thank you for helping me.

        I do have another question, but not sure if I should post it here.

        But when I’m in cyanogenMod, why is the green light (for alerts) always on? Isn’t it for alerts? How can I turn it off so it doen’t always show?


  2. hey i have the htc hd2 but still the windows on it i want to have the Android 2.3 Gingerbread on it have you got a video how too download it and all ? :/ sorry bad for my bad english belgium

  3. Hi, at first wanna say thx to you first… you really help a lot to me…

    sorry that i too stupid… now i wish transfer my outlook contact to android, i got see you got use the activesync, but which activesync should i download?

    thx again…

  4. very helpful advice.Have galaxy g2 not used as could not import text, contacts, notes etc.But once on Gmail how do i get contacts on to Galaxy ?? import notes & text if possible ???

  5. Help !!! I have htc hd2 and downloaded gingerbread which I love and it works great except I can’t use wi-fi hotspot, it gives me error and I can’t see my sd card. PLEASE help.

  6. Hi Jayce, my win phone is damaged, but I have all data on my PC via active sync. Is it possible to export it to a google account from there?


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