How to improve Nexus 7 battery life?

Does your Google Nexus 7 have a good battery life. Well, my Nexus 7 battery life can last for a day on moderate usage. But I still can further improve Nexus 7 battery life with some tweaks and hacks. How to increase Nexus 7 battery life? In short, disable those stuffs that you don’t need.

Improve Google Nexus 7 Battery Life
Improve Google Nexus 7 Battery Life

How to increase Nexus 7 battery life?

Reduce display brightness
Nexus 7 IPS screen is the biggest battery eater. By reducing display brightness to the lowest level that you can accept will surely help to increase Nexus 7 battery life.

Remove unused widget
Widgets are nice on Android. But they increase battery usage especially those widgets that use data connection and auto sync based on schedule. Therefore, only keep those widgets that you really need.

Turn off push notification
Lot of free games and applications have push notification enabled by default. Turn off if you don’t need it.

Disable / reduce auto-sync
Disable or reduce background scheduled auto-sync applications like Gmail, Twitter. And reduce the frequency of auto-sync will also help to improve battery life too. Frequent wakelock increases battery usage.

Turn off Wi-Fi when not needed
Seriously… Turn off Wi-Fi connection? Yes, turning off wireless connection will disable all background auto-sync applications. And this increase battery life.

Turn off Bluetooth, GPS
If you don’t use Bluetooth or GPS, turn them off. Turn them on when needed only.

Use static wallpaper
Try not to use beautiful live wallpaper. Why? Lovely animated live wallpaper costs you more CPU power usage == lower battery life.

Fully close application that not use
Nexus 7 is a great multitasking machine. But by letting lot of applications running at background actually increase battery usage because they still require CPU processing power. So fully close those applications that not needed. Example, GPS navigation application.

Disable unused built-in system applications
You can disable Nexus 7 stock built-in system applications like Currents, Earth, Email, Google+, Massager, People, Talk if you don’t need them with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean disable application feature. Why? Some of them are running as service even you are not using them at all.

Undervolt and underclock CPU
Besides display, Nexus 7 CPU is the second biggest battery eater. If you don’t need 1.3 GHz processing power, underclock it. And undervolt Nexus 7 with SetCPU.

Any other tips and tweaks to increase Google Nexus 7 battery life that I missed out? Let me know. Thanks.


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