How to install update zip on Redmi 1S?

Have an update zip file that you want to install on Xiaomi Redmi 1S? Yes, you can do so very easy on Redmi 1S. Basically, just copy the update zip to your phone. Then use Updater application to install. That’s it. Very simple, right? However, not all the enhancement or modification update zip is user friendly. Some might cause error to your Redmi 1S. Therefore, make sure that you use CWM or TWRP to make a full system backup first before trying them.

Updater app

How to install update zip on Xiaomi Redmi 1S?

  1. First of all, copy the update zip file to internal storage root level.
  2. Go to Tools.
  3. Launch Updater.
  4. Press Menu hardware button.
  5. Then click on Select update package.
  6. Look for your update zip file and select it.
  7. Press Update.
  8. Confirm by click on Start update.
  9. That’s all.

Enjoy the new features or enhancements from your update zip…


  1. Hi Jayce,

    I have no Update in the Tools icon, only Clock, Sound Rec., FM Radio, Torch, Calculator, Assist, Compass, Transfer, and a free spot. How can I put Update into it ? Or where can I find Update ?
    About says :
    Model : HM 1SW
    Android: 4.3 JLS36C
    MIUI Ver: JHCCNBD24.0

    I can’t update anything if I can’t find zip update method.
    There is an System Update button in Settings -> About Device, but it does do nothing.
    And I have another problem, I downloaded and installed Readme App as described here :

    And it was installed without any problem, I got an icon in the desktop , but I cannot run it, If I poke the icon Its starts something, but the window collapses and disappears immediately, I cant read any message. Where can I check an error log or something ?

      • Hi Jayce,
        I did it. Factory reset was comitted, but nothing has changed. I can not follow your instructions here, because :
        1. – Copy update zips…OK
        2. – Go to Tools … OK
        3. – Launch Updater …FAIL !!! There is no “Updater” icon nowhere . How should I launch Updater ?

        I don’t understand what you say about it, because you said :
        “Your ROM version might not have this Update feature…” .
        This is correct, I don’t have this Update feature, but this is actually my problem. How can I update then, without it ?


  2. Hii.. I updated my redmi 1s to MIUI6, But google apps are not supporting.

    please suggest how to overcome the issue.

  3. While I was updating a Redmi 1s, It said ‘Cannot Find’
    I fastbooted it and now the phone is working again, but the Phon is not getting updated. Everytime I update it, it says ‘Cannot Find”
    Tell me what to do.

  4. i had updated my phone with the kitkat version, it is in Chinese language, in this google apps are not working how can i get the correct updated version.

  5. I was rooting my phone and I was selecting the root file for miui 6 redmi 1s on mi forums and once I selected and got back to recovery mode it has said that it has an error of that it failed and it said “error applying update” please help me.

  6. I got update for miui 8 bt once I updated my phn it has updated n late it shown ur device has been locked later I unlocked my phn bt when I again updated it is asking install wat I have to do now


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