How to overclock Samsung Galaxy S2?

Samsung Galaxy S II is already a very fast smartphone @ 1.2 GHz. And it can be even better and faster by overclock it to 1.4 GHz or 1.6 GHz. That’s 17% and 33% speed increased. However, official kernel does not support overclock ability as the highest speed stage is locked at 1.2 GHz. Basically, you need a custom modified kernel which have more and higher speed stages to overclock. And use SetCPU application to overclock it.

Default @ 1.2 GHz

Overclocked @ 1.4 GHz
Max speed at 1.4 GHz

How to overclock Samsung Galaxy S2?

  1. Install custom kernel that support overclock.
  2. Install SetCPU.
  3. Slide the max bar to the speed that you wish (like above picture).
  4. Run Stress test ~ Stress CPU to test stability (located at Info tab).
  5. Or test the stability by playing 3D games (which use most of the CPU / GPU power).
  6. That’s all.

Note – Only check ‘Set on Boot’ when you are confident that the overclocked speed won’t hang and stable all the time.

Quadrant benchmark score increased 22.2% by overclocked to 1.4 GHz. This increase overall Samsung Galaxy S2 performance. And that is the highest speed that can be achieved on my Samsung Galaxy S2 for the moment. Need to fine tune the CPU voltage if I need to push it further.


  1. Hi Jayce…

    I’ve done a lot of things thanks to you man! – now I’d like to play witht this UV and OC feature…

    I’m runninng Siyah Kernel 2.6.7 (and its great so far)
    Stock Rom. GRBR 2.3.5.

    I have a doubt.

    — I’m using Voltage Control app —

    1. Is ist safe to run 1.4 ghz with out UV ? I gues for 1.6 ghz I must to…right?
    2. What is the correct procedure to get there?

    I dont wanna fry my cell… so…. any direcction you could give me …. It will be really really appreciated … as always.

    Thanks J…

    • There is no right or wrong on overclocking / overvolting. Just play with several settings. And use the most stable one. Make sure that you don’t over limit will do.


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