How to play WMV AVI MKV RM RMVB XVID video files on iPad?

WMV AVI MKV RM RMVB XVID video file types are not supported by Apple iPad natively. What to do? You can convert them to .m4v, .mp4, or .mov file format which supported by Apple. However, it is not the best solution if you have lot of unsupported video files. Try the simple way, get a 3rd party video player that can support multiple video formats. Personally, I tested OPlayer HD for iPad. And it is working on RMVB video file with frame skipping enabled. Not 100% smooth but better than cannot watch at all.

OPlayer HD for iPad

OPlayer HD Features

  • Play almost any video formats on your iPad. (WMV/AVI/MKV/RM/RMVB/XVID/mp4/3GP/MPG/)
  • Play almost any audio formats on your iPad. (MP3/WMA/RM/AAC)
  • Support audio/video streaming over HTTP. (through WIFI or 3G)
  • Support USB download files by iTunes.(need update iTunes to V9.1)
  • Easily wifi transfer to download media files from your PC to your iPad.
  • Support FTP Client to download media files to your iPad.
  • Support SAMBA Client to download media files to your iPad.
  • Build in web browser to download media files.
  • Support “.smi” “.srt” subtitle.
  • Support Mail app attachment open with … feature.
  • Support HTTP/RTSP streaming.

Download OPlayer HD for iPad here.


  1. Just google search Step by Step Guide on How to Convert Video to Play AVI, WMV, FLV and more on iPad 2/iPad 3

    you will find a simple solution


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