How to restore Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

It’s time to restore Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery when you face issues like applications always force close, data loss… Of course, you need to have a backup Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery first in order to do a restore. You can use CWM Manager application to restore if you install CWM through CF-Root. Else load ClockworkMod Recovery to restore. CWM has Advanced Restore feature which can restore each component individually like boot, system, data, cache and sd-ext. Below video will guide you to restore Samsung Galaxy S2 by using CWM Manager. Read the step by step guide for more information…

Restore via CWM Manager

  1. Open CWM Manager.
  2. Click on Restore ~ Restore an existing backup.
  3. Select the image that you want to restore then click Restore.
  4. That’s all.

Restore via ClockworkMod Recovery

  1. Turn off Samsung Galaxy S2.
  2. Press and hold down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  3. Release all buttons when you see SGS2 Logo.
  4. ClockworkMod Recovery will be loaded then.
  5. Go to backup and restore.
  6. Select Restore (or Advanced Restore).
  7. Choose the image that you want to restore.
  8. That’s all.

Enjoy new revive Samsung Galaxy S2!


  1. hi there. just want to check while doing nandroid backup to sd card …do u mean to external sd card or internal phone memory??

  2. hi jayce…some more doubts.
    1. the stock rom which i back up using nandroid will be stored in the internal memory right? if yes when i install the new custom rom, will that backed up will be erased?
    2. when i restore back the original stock rom in any case will that rom will still be rooted?
    3. in any unfortunate incident if my phone refuses to start up after installing a custom rom how should i restore the original rom…i mean can i still load the clockworkmod even if the phone is bricked?
    4. in such case should i place my stock rom backup in internal memory or the external sd card.

    im a newbie..thanks a lot for your patience in answering my queries. im learning a lot form u. thank u once again 🙂

    • 1. No, it is stored at sdcard\clockworkmod\backup folder. Unless the custom firmware delete all internal USB storage (but this is very rare).
      2. No. You need to root it again after back to stock firmware.
      3. You can’t do anything if fully brick (won’t power on at all, again this is very rare). It is still okay for half brick (hang at SGS2 logo). You can boot into CWM or Odin to install firmware.
      4. Personally, I keep a copy of CWM backup & Titanium Backup at external SD card and PC. 🙂

  3. hi jayce,
    i dont have a external sd card. is it compulsory? when i open my file manager on sgs2 i can see my internal memory named as sd_card. i tried backing up using mybackup pro and it backup everything to my internal memory..
    and any custom rom which u would suggest which is by far the most stable without any issues :)..

    thanks so much..u are doing a great job with this website..

  4. hi jayce~ am a bit confuse here~
    if i restore the backup-system after flashing a new different rom (not upgrading) does it mean i go back to the previous rom? or does it restore the data;apps;setting?

  5. i have flashed my gs2 with the lite ning 6.1 custom rom after i felt that there is a battery drain more than usual “previous rom is the arabic one 2.3.3 kh1 i guess” i did a net search and find that lite-ning 6.1 is the most stable and less battery usage, but the problem persisted .. any suggestion , thank you

  6. Hi Jayce,
    I rooted my samsung galaxy s2 using CF root..
    after that i loaded into CWM recovery mode but it shows E:failed to verify whole-life signature. E:signature verification failed..
    FYI before this i installed ROM MANAGER and realised it wasnt compatible with CWM MANAGER so i uninstalled it..
    My phone did load into clockwork mod recovery before but now no just enters into android recovery system 3e whenever i trying to get into recovery mode..
    for now i cant restore my previous backup using Clockwork mod recovery and of course not to flash a new rom…
    hope that you can help..thank you very much..

    warmest regards,

  7. NEw to this, I’m trying to recover my stock rooted rom at first i was receiving a mismatch md5 error then i ran shell command now I’m I’m getting a system error while restoring system

  8. Hi, i have a doubt (it may sound stupid). While backing up ‘data’, the CWM also seems to be backing up the internal sd contents. It it true? So if I restore the backup, will it also restore the internal SD contents to the previous state?

  9. hi, can u help me please. i want to know how to unroot my galaxy s2 with the lightning rom 6.1 installed on it. and i also want to know how to reverse it to the original stock kernel without any data being deleated

  10. Hello Jayce, i’m using cwm to regular backup my sgs2. the last 2 times i have backedup tmy phone, while i restore the backup i receive “unable to restore /system” and restore process is interrupted so i can only partially restore my previous backup, loosing time each time.
    i have also tried backing up on internal and external sd, and also format /system before restore…no difference, same “problem”

  11. Hi jayce!

    I can’t seem to restore my initial back-up when I just rooted my phone and not yet installed a custom ROM. My CWM Manager is v3.0 and my ClockworkMod Recovery is v5.5.0.4 . My back-up file is located in the external_sd should I transfer it in the /sdcard? I’m running in Redpill Kernel 1.3 and also I tried the Siyah Kernel 2.6.12 but still I can’t restore my initial back-up.

  12. Hi jayce!

    I moved the back up file to the internal sd card and tried to restore it using CWM v5 and CWM Manager v3.0 but still won’t work. I also tried the advanced restore for boot, system, data, cache, sd-ext but all results shows “MD5 mismatch” in both Redpill kernel 1.3 and siyah kernel 2.6.12.

    Do you think I have messed up the back up file before? Or have not backed it up properly? I checked the initial backed up file (when it was first rooted without custom rom installed) and what I noticed is that all are in “disk image file” not like the other custom rom back ups which have “TAR archive file”.


  13. Hi, my s2 is spoilt and i’m sending it for repair. But i want to back up my contacts and my apps, and my calendar which is linked to gmail, but i’m kind of a IT noob. Do i have to back up using this clockworkmod thing or is it in play store when everything resets? I seriously have no idea, i just connect the phone to my computer and transfer everything to my computer. Do you have any idea what i should do? I don’t want all my apps and data to be gone 🙁

  14. Hi.
    My gs2 had entered password lots of time.then i cant open it throug gmail account.i gave it to repair.but they do something and now it enters recovery screen and nothing.what can i do?

  15. hi jayce

    once restored …..would i have to back up my system again or it will remain backed up..?

    the link you gave for galaxy note 2 gallery…well i installed it through cwm but nothing happened….should i try the link you gave for sgs 3 ?? any ideas ( sorry for asking this question here ).

    i have backed up on ext sd card….still back up was in the folder clockworkmode in int sd…is it ok ?

    • It should stay in the place that you backup previously.

      Sorry, not sure which one are you taking about. Better ask at that post.

      Yes, you can have ClockworkMod folder on both internal and external storage.


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