How to root Onda V820w tablet?

How to root Onda V820w tablet? Yes, I root most of my Android devices. Same apply to my latest dual OS tablet – Onda V820w (Windows 10 + Android 4.4.4). Thankfully, rooting Onda V820w is not hard and simple as ABC. And the rooting method is quite generic and maybe it will work on other Onda tablets with Android too like V919, V989, V891, V116w, oBook 10 and 11. Who know? Just try it to find out.

Step by step guide

  • First of all, download this root file.
  • Extract all files to Root-Onda-V820w folder.
  • Connect Onda V820w to PC via USB cable
  • USB debugging mode should be enabled by default.
  • Let Windows install USB drivers.
  • Then run ROOT_me!.bat
  • That’s all.

You should able to see SuperSU application installed after tablet being rebooted. Just update SuperSU to the latest version then update the binary file will do. Enjoy root access on your Onda V820w tablet.


  1. Great news. I am searching a way to root my V820w and you’re the only who did it.
    I have a problem. I get the error
    ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command
    Seems to me the drivers are missing. Can you please tell me what adb drivers did you use?

  2. Which windows version are you all successors using? i had windows 10, when my onda 820w was in debugging mode drivers failed to install automatically as you say. Tried every means on windows 10 failed. Formatted my computer to windows 7, still failed and i need to root this tablet.. What windows version are you using, how do you do for drivers to install automatically?

    Tried even google usb drivers failed too, even manual drivers install fail by giving me error as “Device failed to start”

  3. Hello. I have Onda v820w-Dual OS v1..0.1_v5, start that programm, then after reboot start SuperSU but file did not installed and root does not work. What else I can check?

  4. Sorry, what is ADB connection? Is that connection between tablet and PC through USB? If yes then it works good, it find the device, did something and restart the tablet

  5. Is Android Debug Bridge going together with the soft in start Root zip? Or that is something what should be installed before I run start ROOT_me!.bat

  6. Look like everything going good after I run but file, but after restart when I run SuperSU it can’t install a file

  7. In the console appears many times: Operation not permitted, and the process continues as if everthing is ok, but, when I checked, the table is not root, have you any idea about how can I solve it?

    Sorry about my bad English :p

  8. Also I would like to know if for this very model did anyone try to remove the dual OS and maybe go for an Android 6 for example? I do mean a clean install and some extra space as a bonus? Thank you.

  9. Does anybody know what is the newest android version for the onda v820w and where to find it? mine still works on kitkat 4.4.4 which is rather old 🙁


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