How to temp unroot Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

How to temp unroot Samsung Galaxy Note II? Yes, Readers Hub can’t be used on rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 2. You need to remove root access in order to use it. Well, not quite. Just uninstall and remove SuperSU (if you root Galaxy Note 2 with CF-Auto-Root). And you are ready to use Readers Hub again… Note – You need to install Superuser from Google Play Store after remove SuperSU. Readers Hub is working fine with Superuser.

Access denied to Readers Hub due to root access detected.

How to temp unroot Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

  1. Install Voodoo OTA RootKeeper and launch it.
  2. Select Protect root.
  3. Then select Temp. un-root (keeps backup).
  4. That’s all.
Voodoo OTA RootKeeper temp unroot Galaxy Note 2

Enjoy temporary unroot Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Voodoo OTA RootKeeper. Select ‘Restore root’ when you need root access back.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the tip, on my stock GN2 it gave me the same error message and I noticed that SuperSU is installed as a “built-in” app, so I am not sure if my device is rooted or not, its stock and I didn’t root it myself and I find it weird that Samsung would ship a rooted device by default. I cannot uninstall it as it is a builtin app, tried to disable it and force close it but that doesn’t work, any other suggestions?


  2. Hi Jayce,

    My custom rom (Wanam) came with SuperSU so it is built-in. How can I remove it so that I can install superuser? Thank you.



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