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All of us want to have the fastest broadband connection. Same apply to me. After 1 week of testing Maxis Wireless Broadband based on its iPad data plan with Maxis WiFi Modem (E5832), I have the result finally. Data points were collected almost every hour to have the most accurate benchmark result. And the test locations are Sungai Petani and Kulim, Kedah. Most were done at my house which near to JPJ Sungai Petani. Okay, let’s find out how does Maxis Wireless Broadband perform…

Maxis Wireless Broadband Speed Test

Speed Test Results
Log 1 | Log 2 | Log 3 | Log 4 | Log 5 | Log 6

Benchmark Results
At my house, I got more than 1 Mbps for download and upload in early morning. During office hours, I got from 400 to 800 Kbps for download while around 250 Kbps for upload. At night, download speed is the worst with around 300 to 400 Kbps only but increased upload speed at 700 Kbps. Let’s talk about other places… I got around 2 Mbps download and more than 1 Mbps for upload at Kulim Hi-Tech Park during noon. And around 2 Mbps for both download and upload at restaurant near to North-South Expressway (NSE) Sungai Petani North Exit at night.

Actual Usage
Download | Upload

As a conclusion, Maxis Wireless Broadband speed is varied based on location and coverage. I only wish that the connection at my house can be better…


  1. jaycee.i need an upload speed of about 1mb for my online job.can u suggest which broadband i shld try..i try p1 recently but it manage reach only 552kbps of upload speed based on the am staying in taman bunga raya sg.petani..


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