New HTC One X system update 2.17.707.3 OTA for Asia

Finally, after a very long 3 months of waiting, there is HTC One X 2.17.707.3 system update OTA in Asia region now. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines HTC One X users should get the OTA update notification by now. What are the new features or improvements in this system software update? Well, you get memory management enhancement, camera quality improvement and bugs fix which affecting display flicker in some circumstance. Oh, you get Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense 4.1 too. And the most importance thing that I waited for long long time – remove the annoying HTC One X 3 dots Menu soft button. Finally, HTC makes it right after 5 months of launching HTC One X…

HTC One X system update 2.17.707.3 OTA for Asia

Still didn’t receive 2.17.707.3 OTA system software update notification? No worry, you can update it manually. Just go to Settings – About – Software updates. Select Check now. You should get latest system update just like above screenshot. Enjoy latest HTC One X system update 2.17.707.3 OTA for Asia.

And now continue on my waiting of S-OFF HTC One X…


  1. Finally! Downloading now. Maybe a comparison of both HTC OneX v Samsung Galaxy S3 after both had received their updates would be coming, Jayce? πŸ™‚

  2. Hey, just got my updates notification. Just checking how long does it take for the whole process to complete? Seems like it’s been 2 hours and my screen is still lighted? Common?

  3. hi… can i perform the update after i root my htc one x?.. if can,can u teach me hw to do it coz i dont knw wht to do after download it and my HP restart.. then a android green robot come out ><.. thx.. sorry for my bad english :/

  4. After update, some app (kayak, tegrazone) have problem in network connection. It even tank the triposo app. Haaaaaa…Anyone facing connection issues?

  5. There is a problem with this new software 2.17.707.3.
    My htc ONE X will not be able to use Wi-Fi.

    I went to htc customer service.
    However, Wi-Fi problem is not solved.
    I will not be able to use Wi-Fi until the next update.

  6. HI Jayce,

    Im still on 4.0.3 …. 1.29.708.15
    Every time i try the check for update it says “There are no updates available for your phone”

    Is there a way to manually update to 4.0.4 using PC or something?

  7. hai sir …i updated 2.17.720.2 india for my htc one x …but my home screen is loadin quiet a number of times ..also my google map is nt working ..can u help plzzz ..waitin for ya reply ..

  8. Hi sir already downloading the latest software update but apparently my one x take too long to update its been 8 hrs now but still update is at 4% only.. how can i resolvr this problen

  9. I upgraded to this upgrade. Now I want to know that how can unlock bootloader and root it? I saw many forums but am not sure how to do it? I am new to it please guide me.

  10. Hi Jay, it’s an honor that i am writing to an expert. I am currently using custom rom named Slim Rom. Is there a way having an unlock and rooted phone to be able to install this official OTA. If there is a way, I would appreciate very much you could provide the steps to install. I am not tech savvy. TQ and wishing you the best in prosperity and health. May God bless. TQ, Lokman


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