Nokia 3120 classic preview

Yeah… I ‘steal’ Nokia 3120 classic from my mom. This Nokia 3120 classic was her lucky draw prize at a dinner. I bought it for RM288. Actual online market price is around RM580. Am I bad?

Nokia 3120 classic

Nokia 3120 classic is a budget 3G phone. It has most of the required functions. Below is the package content.

Nokia 3120 classic package content

Nokia 3120 classic comes with a charger adapter, earphone with mic and manual. Haven’t tried out all the functions yet. This phone will be given to my girl friend. I will come out a review when I have time to do so.

Nokia 3120 classic – front view
Nokia 3120 classic – back view

Stay tuned. More to come…


  1. from an (future)accountant’s point of view..since u and your mom are “connected persons” therefore any transaction between u and your mom should be at “arms length”…meaning at the prevailing market price…if this is not practised, then u are violating the Company Act and not accord with the International Accounting Standards.. of which, if found guilty, may be fined or imprisoned according to the Act. πŸ˜€


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