Road to Titan League 1 by winning defenses

I always wanted to push to Legend League after max all the defenses and heroes in Clash of Clans. But pushing to higher trophy does not make it special since everyone is doing it. How about reaching Legend League by winning defenses instead of fighting for it. But is this even possible? I reached Titan III last week. It was pretty easy to me. However, getting into Titan I is another story totally. I stuck at Titan 2 (4600 trophy range) for days. And keep changing my base design in order to get defense won. However, the more I changed, the more loses I got. I almost give up pushing until using my latest base. Yes, I am still tuning the base by changing the traps but no major stuffs.

Titan League I

Still 200 trophies shy to become a Legend League player. I believe it will be even harder because I will lose more trophies when lost a defense. And winning one is getting lesser trophy if attacked by others with lower trophy than me.



Winning defense is not impossible but really hard. And luck factor plays a big role here as you need to wish that attackers make mistake in order to win a defense. Of course, my Town Hall 11 base design helps too. It is not actually 100% anti Valkyrie or queen walk but attackers will fail the attack if not plan well. And it does protect from getting 2 stars from attackers with dragon, balloon and minions troops. But skilled player still can 2 stars as seen from above screenshot. So far he is the only one that 2 stars my base with air troops. A very well plan attack I must say. Mass Valkyrie is still the prefer way to win a battle but can also lose if not plan well.

Visit my clan to see my current base layout or wait until I reached Legend League. Will show you all my current base layout that brought me to Titan 1 by winning defenses without attacking…


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