Should I get Samsung Galaxy S from Maxis Malaysia?

Samsung Galaxy S is one of the best Android phones out there. And Maxis Malaysia is having promotion ~ Samsung Galaxy S 8G version for RM 1699 when you sign up its voice plan + data plan for 12 months contract. In addition, you can get RM10 rebate for the data plan up to 12 months. Sound like a good deal, right?

How much is Samsung Galaxy S sold out there in Malaysia? Based on Lowyat forum, you can get it ~ 8G version @ RM2000 and 16GB version @ RM2250 for original set (not AP).

Okay. Let’s do a comparison. Let’s assume that we have Maxis RM50 postpaid voice plan already. All we need to do is adding the data plan in order to get Samsung Galaxy S from Maxis Malaysia. There are 3 data plans ~ 500MB @ RM58, 1.5GB @ RM78 and 3GB @ RM88.

500MB Data Plan
RM58 per month – RM10 rebate == RM48 per month. RM48 x 12 months = RM576. Therefore, RM1699 + RM576 == RM2275.

1.5GB Data Plan
RM78 per month – RM10 rebate == RM68 per month. RM68 x 12 months = RM816. Therefore, RM1699 + RM816 == RM2515.

3GB Data Plan
RM88 per month – RM10 rebate == RM78 per month. RM78 x 12 months = RM936. Therefore, RM1699 + RM936 == RM2635.

3 months 3G usage

Above volume are generated by using HTC HD2 during travel only (using Streamyx at home). What I did? Surfing several website (mostly my blogs), checking email, stocks. Seeing Facebook photo from time to time. Watch 1 or 2 YouTube videos per week. That’s all. And I still manage to get below 500MB usage. However, for those who are using it as 3G modem connect to notebook / desktop at home. Your usage will be more than these. Be careful on selecting data plan as Maxis charge 0.05 cent/KB when you used over limit. Check out the guide ~ Which 3G mobile broadband should I choose in Malaysia? for more information.

Maxis charges when over usage limit (0.05 cent/KB)
1 Facebook page (20KB) = RM0.01
1 YouTube video (300KB) = RM0.15
50 Facebook pages (1MB) = RM0.50
20 YouTube videos (3MB) = RM1.50
* Example data grab from DiGi

The data usage example given by DiGi is too low. Where can we find 1 Facebook page with 20KB only? Not to mention 300KB for 1 YouTube video. I watch YouTube video in 720p format most of the time. 1 minutes and 26 seconds 720p YouTube video == 22MB. It will cause me RM11.00 for just watching 1 video. Wow, that’s expensive.

So should I get Samsung Galaxy S from Maxis Malaysia?


  1. Maxis Malaysia only gives Samsung Galaxy I9000 the 8GB model. How to get 16GB model under
    the same post-paid mobile plan?

  2. Hi Jayce,

    I am new is mobile research.

    You were mention 8G version @ RM2000 and 16GB version @ RM2250 for original set (not AP).

    May I know what is AP means?

  3. hey jayce…im recently planning to buy smartphones too..i’ve scratch my head for days…i dono how to decide…from Nokia N8, IPhone 3GS and Samsung i9000 Galaxy S…dono which 1 is better…and im new to smartphones…

  4. hey ppl. can i ask somethin? is 3g network free? coz i have a plan on samsung galaxy s(iflexi lite plan) do i have to pay for the 3g network to be able to use it? i mean everytime i use it does it have charges?

  5. Hi, i just bought the galaxy s recently. Can anyone help me on how to set the configuration in emails i.e streamyx and yahoo mail? cos i have been trouble doing it. Also can we download attachment from yahoo? Many thanks

  6. hey, planning to buy galaxy s2. but dont know whether i should get data or buy from digi smart plan. i spend less than rm30 per month. if i get data then i have to pay more than that every month.. what do you suggest?



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