SpeedBit Video Accelerator Review

I am a heavy YouTube user lately. Watching a lot of my next mobile phone HTC HD2 review. Most of the reviews are in HD mode. So is this SpeedBit Video Accelerator going to help me reduce YouTube videos loading time? Let’s try it out.

The Internet connection that I am using right now is TM Net Streamyx 1MBps. And I installed Free Video Accelerator for YouTube 3.1. It should work well on SD videos. You need to purchase SpeedBit Video Accelerator Premium to watch HD videos (bit rates above 200 KBps) smoothly.

The result… The loading speed before SpeedBit Video Accelerator installed and after is the same. Huh? The SpeedBit Video Accelerator does kick off when YouTube is playing but it does not do the task ~ accelerates. I still face a lot buffering stops. So I have a conclusion. Since the video review above showing that SpeedBit Video Accelerator is working, so the problem is down to Streamyx SLOW connection. I guess it’s time to cut cut cut!!!