SpeedBit Video Accelerator Review

I am a heavy YouTube user lately. Watching a lot of my next mobile phone HTC HD2 review. Most of the reviews are in HD mode. So is this SpeedBit Video Accelerator going to help me reduce YouTube videos loading time? Let’s try it out.

The Internet connection that I am using right now is TM Net Streamyx 1MBps. And I installed Free Video Accelerator for YouTube 3.1. It should work well on SD videos. You need to purchase SpeedBit Video Accelerator Premium to watch HD videos (bit rates above 200 KBps) smoothly.

The result… The loading speed before SpeedBit Video Accelerator installed and after is the same. Huh? The SpeedBit Video Accelerator does kick off when YouTube is playing but it does not do the task ~ accelerates. I still face a lot buffering stops. So I have a conclusion. Since the video review above showing that SpeedBit Video Accelerator is working, so the problem is down to Streamyx SLOW connection. I guess it’s time to cut cut cut!!!


  1. Yeah, the online video seems to work well if your connection is good. I guess some software also need good connection in order to perform well. Btw, you did mentioned potong potong potong but the Nuffnang ads said ‘Enjoy faster speed downloads with a FREE Streamyx speed upgrade’ =p

    I always hope there’s a good future for broadband service for our home =)

  2. I heard that streamyx did capped the speed for site like youtube since they eat a lot of bandwith.
    Hmm, the only for me to watch youtube video smoothly right now is by downloading them with my IDM.
    But that is going to eat my harddisk capacity! LOL


  3. u sure really want potong boh? and ur nuffnang ad is showing streamyx ad somemore, haha 😛

    well streamyx is capping youtube lately too, i’m using 4mbps package and kanasai most youtube videos i load oso buffer damn long time. watch xtube no problem, watch youtube got problem!

    not to mention they capped Rapidshare too. argh!

  4. Nope…even if you have that wi-fi coverage, don’t potong yet…

    The P1W1 sales person admitted to me saying that streamyx is still better (even sometimes I hate the slow connection), because it is more stable than P1W1.

    I think he is telling the truth… I also heard other people who opted for potong are now complaining …

  5. What the heck!! The DAP does its job (downloading) very well but this product, so called Speedbit Video Accelerator fails to fulfill expectations. I was hoping that after downloading it, the video play would be faster and smoother. What I notices is that it accelerates just in its literal sense. Yeah, the word ‘Accelerating…’ will appear and then we think that a miracle would happen, but to my surprise, there was no miracle. If the connection is good, then the streaming is good, if the connection sucks, the streaming sucks too. I won’t recommed this to anyone because the only thing it does is that it occupies space! Accepted that this tool is meant to be the way it is, still it leaves the users frustrated at the garbled mess that it appeared to be.

  6. If your internet doesn’t work after downloading this program and you can’t figure out why, try uninstalling SpeedBit. Worked for me. (thanks jay!)

  7. I’ve been reading a couple of complaints about speedbit video accelerator and I’m reluctant to download and install it on my computer. Most of the users said it improved their videos at first then later on it messed up their machines and that SPEEDBIT CAN’T BE TOTALLY UNINSTALLED! Can you tell me if there’s any truth to these bad reviews about speedbit? Thanks.

      • Hi again. I downloaded speedbit video accelerator 2 weeks ago and it worked fine for a short time (1 week) then everything went wrong with my browsers. I couldn’t watch any videos anymore because the browser screen turns black or the internet signal just hangs or freezes! When I uninstalled it every thing went back to normal, I can watch videos again although it went back to the usual buffering and slow streaming.

        At least I can watch videos again and my browsers (IE9, Firefox, Chrome & Opera) stopped turning black even on ordinary websites!

        Be careful with this program, its malicious !!!


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