SpinFit Tips Giveaway by DUNU

Want to have free SpinFit ear tips? DUNU is giving away 4 pairs of SpinFit CP100 (L/M/S/XS) to DUNU fans who own at least 1 or more DUNU earphones. Yes, DUNU has officially started cooperation with SpinFit. The new coming hybrid IEM DUNU DN-2002 will configure CP100 as standard accessories. Can’t wait to get my hands on those. Huhu… I still haven’t try Titan 3 and 5 yet. When can I try DN-2002 then? SpinFit ear tips surely improve my earphones sound quality. How? Check out my SpinFit Ear Tip Review to find out. You will surprise how it can change and improve the sound signature of your current earphones.

More information about the SpinFit tips giveaway can be found here. Good luck!!!

Note – Participating deadline == 31th March 2016.


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