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KZ ZAR Review – 1DD + 7BA IEM with Crisp Sound & Powerful Bass!

16 drive units with precise frequency division to build a full-range professional Hi-Fi experience! Yup, that’s what the latest KZ ZAR brings. It is loaded with a dynamic and 7 balanced armature units on each side. U-curve style tuning for audiophiles like you and me. Supports 20 to 40,000 Hz frequency. Comes with 8-strand braided silver-plated upgraded cable. Sound great? Let’s find out now…

Meet Zorloo Hi-Res Dual-Mode Zophia Wire.less Earphone with ESS Sabre 9281ACPRO, USB-DAC, Bluetooth aptX & MQA

Zorloo is pleased to introduce Zophia Wire.less Earphone that supports both wired or wireless operation. The Zophia brings together features like Bluetooth v5.2, aptX , USB-DAC, Lossless Hi-Res Audio and MQA rendering in the earphone design. It is the first Hi-Res audio and MQA-ready earphone augmented with wireless features.

New SpinFit CP100 Review

Yes, you can get secure fit, better sound quality and long lasting comfort for all day music listening with SpinFit ear tips. In addition, it also provides superior noise isolation. All thanks to their patented 3D axis 360° rotation design. I had been using them for years. And they perform very well. Guess what? SpinFit upgraded their CP100 to have lengthened umbrella and softer silicon. Does the new CP100 sound better? Let’s find out…

SpinFit CP240 Review

Looking for even deeper and better isolation on your in-ear monitors? Check out double flange (bi-flange) ear tips from SpinFit. Yes, just like other SpinFit models, SpinFit CP240 has special designed cushion at the centre that allows 360° rotation to go deeper into your ear canal and get better seal. These premium soft silicone eartips that bends and twists will provide outstanding and lasting comfort. Read on to know more…

SpinFit CP100Z Review

Meet SpinFit CP100Z – the ultimate silicone ear tip for true wireless earphones. Yup, there are lot of new models (different sizes) coming out since my last SpinFit Review. As usual, it has special designed cushion at the centre that allows 360° rotation to go deeper into your ear canal and get better seal. In return, you get supreme comfort and superior noise isolation. Interested? Read on to know more about SpinFit CP100Z…


Wanbo X5 In-Depth Review – Watch This Before You Buy!!!

Hello guys, meet Wanbo X5 LCD projector that you have been waiting for. It is suitable for both day and night. Comes with useful...


Kingston Leads Channel SSD Shipments for the 6th Consecutive Year

Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today announced TrendForce has named it as the number one third-party supplier of...