SpinFit CP240 Review

Looking for even deeper and better isolation on your in-ear monitors? Check out double flange (bi-flange) ear tips from SpinFit. Yes, just like other SpinFit models, SpinFit CP240 has special designed cushion at the centre that allows 360° rotation to go deeper into your ear canal and get better seal. These premium soft silicone eartips that bends and twists will provide outstanding and lasting comfort. Read on to know more…

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Package Content & Design
As usual, my SpinFit CP240 is a sample. Therefore, no retail packaging to show here. As for sizes, there are L, M and S. So far, CP240 is the only model for double flange. You can also check out other SpinFit single flange models at their website including CP100, CP100Z, CP145, CP155 and CP800. Refer their sizes and compatibility there.

For your information, SpinFit uses premium silicone which last longer than foam type tips. Rest assures that its durability will last for long.

Here are the inserts (adapters) which has 3 mm nozzle (core) dimension. Yes, it can support small bore earphones with these inserts. About the same as CP800 on single flange. Note – the standard one is 4mm like CP100.

Fit, Comfort & Isolation
Yes, you can get even deeper and better seal with double flange – SpinFit CP240 compare to their single flange models. And still getting pleasant and comfort to wear for long hours. Again thanks to SpinFit patented 3d axis unique design – 360° rotation. This special designed cushion at the centre of the shank allows it to rotate freely 360°. And this make it can go deeper into your ear canal and seal better according the shape. As a result, better isolation too.

Sound Quality
Ear tip is one of the important parts of in-ear monitors. You are not getting the most out of your IEM when not getting proper seal and fit. The best and easy way to enhance and improve your earphones is getting your best matched tips. SpinFit CP240 manages to get even deeper and better seal compare on original bundled eartips. This result in more bass and isolation. Less fatiguing on very bright treble too. Of course, you won’t get day and night improvement but definitely there is marginal one.

SpinFit CP240 surely improve overall listening experience. And do take note that different earphones and tips yield different results.


  • Deeper insertion & even better seal
  • Sound quality improvements (especially on lows)
  • Way better fitting
  • Comfortable for long hour wear
  • Outstanding isolation
  • Durable to last


  • Sound signature changes might not suit everyone

Comfortable deep insertion, better seal and isolation are what you will get from SpinFit CP240 ear tips. Surely, it will improve overall sound quality with better fit and seal. Interested? Do visit SpinFit website for more information. And get yours at Amazon.