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Download official Samsung Galaxy S3 modem

Which Samsung Galaxy S III modem (radio / baseband) is the best for me? Different region have different Samsung Galaxy S3 modem because carrier, frequency band, topography, location and distance from cell tower are not the same. So you need to try Samsung Galaxy S3 modem yourself to find out the best Samsung Galaxy S3 modem for you. Using the correct modem will give your Samsung Galaxy S3 better signal coverage and battery life. By the way, these official Samsung Galaxy S3 modems are for GT-I9300 & GT-I9300T models only.

Official Samsung Galaxy S3 modem

How to install custom modem on Samsung Galaxy S2?

Personally, I don’t install custom modem on my Samsung Galaxy S II. Usually, I will stick with the modem that comes along with the firmware. However, you might love that particular firmware but wish to upgrade the modem only. So you have to install official custom modem on your Samsung Galaxy S2 manually. What is the benefit of using custom modem? Well, one modem version does not work well for all the region’s telco. So there are several versions. Some modem might have better signal, speed, reception and coverage and some don’t. Choosing the correct one take time. You need to benchmark the 3G speed, battery consumption, signal strength… Monitor its performance for days. So I don’t change modem much unless I found it really bad (which I did not see one yet).

XXKL1 modem on XXKI4 firmware

Maxis WiFi Modem (E5832) Software Tour ~ Maxis10

It is very simple to get connected to Internet with Maxis WiFi Modem (E5832). Power on it and you are ready to surf the Internet. There are 2 methods to connect to the modem. USB method is good for computer without wireless card. And Wi-Fi connection method is good for laptop, netbook, iPad and smartphone. That’s it. You are able to access Internet now. However, a tech person like me does not stop here. I like to play around with settings especially those advanced settings…

Maxis Broadband Connection Manager Page

Maxis10 WiFi Modem & iPad Reviewers

Yeah… I was selected to be one of the Maxis10 reviewers again. We have not 1 but 2 products to review this time ~ Maxis WiFi Modem and Apple iPad. I received Apple iPad just now. Thanks Maxis. And thanks to April Yim from Ogilvy for sending it over. As for Maxis WiFi Modem, I need to go to Maxis Center to collect it myself. Why? Because Maxis is going to give me iPad Entry data plan (3.5GB) free for 2 months.

Maxis10 iPad (Wi-Fi + 3G) 16GB

Maxis WiFi Modem (E5832) Hardware Tour ~ Maxis10

Maxis WiFi Modem (E5832) is your personal mobile hotspot. It provides simultaneously connection up to 5 devices. A nice modem for you when on the road. And a great companion for iPad too. Let’s have a look on its hardware…

Maxis WiFi Modem (E5832)


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