Top best video player for HTC One X

HTC One X has a nice big 4.7″ 720p HD Super LCD2 IPS display. But HTC One X stock video player does not support much video format. It can’t play video format such as RM, RMVB, MOV, MKV (play without audio)… As usual, my quest to find a better video player replacement started since I got HTC One X. However, all the 3rd party video player suffers 3 dots Menu soft button issue on HTC One X. So I can’t enjoy movie on full screen mode (still have that annoying 3 dots).

DicePlayer on HTC One X

My favourite free Android video player MoboPlayer did not update since 10 February 2012. So it suffers 3 dots Menu soft button issue too. Else it will be perfect. Luckily, another video player that I like ~ DicePlayer got updated to hide this annoying 3 dots soft button. So I can enjoy music video and movie in RMVB, MOV and MKV video formats with full screen on my HTC One X now. HTC One X users, you should try DicePlayer too.

Download DicePlayer at Google Play Store here.


  1. I am able to play mkv files in the native player, by long-pressing the file (in ES Explorer) and selecting Open As and then Video.

  2. HTC one x unable to play video after software updated. How to solved it due to tiring keep making trip down to HTC service ctr yet with problem unsolved even after one for one exchanged.

      • Factory reset twice yet encounter the same. Managed to get one for one exchange but after updated software 1.28 and factory reset , same problem still. Each time play video then handset auto restart. Was fine before updated software,therefore guesses it was software problem. Wonder any solution other than facing the third time exchange due HTC service centre is suck after all with brunch of unhelpful toward useless service to consumer.

  3. Hang plus auto restart each time play video from YouTube or whatapps,movie file. But just assume before update software was fine, wonder what can I do other than changing third handset

  4. Mx video player cant play avi file isn’t it? play but the prob with its sound.. i tried dice and it can play avi perfectly..also try BSplay.. i like it more

  5. Experience feedback:

    Diceplayer is good in hardware decoding supported format e.g. mp4, mkv & etc. However , it is weak in software decoding particularly rmvb, the playback is lagging on my dual-core phone.

    I suggest to give MX Video Player a try, not only support hardware decoding but software decoding is much much better than dice player, no lag at all on my hp.

  6. Im experiencing a different issue with MKV files. I use Vplayer or MXplayer which are both very good players. MKV files will open and play but after about 10 seconds of playing the sound starts acting up and the video will play in what looks like slow motion… framerate issues perhaps or maybe the codec not optimized to play MKV on HTC one X? anyone else have this issue when playing MKV files?


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