Turn HTC HD2 into HTC HD7

Yeah… Who need to buy a new HTC HD7 when you have the all mighty HTC HD2? Yes, with Windows Phone 7 loaded on HTC HD2, you are one step closer to make your HTC HD2 into HTC HD7. The LEO “Stock” NAND Windows Phone 7 ROM does not have any HTC applications that come along with HTC HD7. So all we need to do is install them by ourselves.

HTC Applications for Windows Phone 7 HTC HD2

  • Attentive Phone
  • Calculator
  • Connection Setup
  • Converter
  • Flashlight
  • HTC Hub
  • Lists
  • Love
  • Notes
  • Photo Enhancer
  • Sound Enhancer
  • Stocks
  • YouTube

In order to install these applications, you need to unlock Windows Phone 7 HTC HD2 with ChevronWP7. Then install them by using Tom XAP Installer. Enjoy you new HTC HD7…

Download HTC HD7 OEM applications here.


  1. Hi

    Could U please please please don’t upload to just to multiupload and such uploading sites and instead provide a direct link ?
    I can Understand why U upload to this free uploading sites but all of those are filtered here in IRAN and it is really a pain in the neck to download them.
    IF , U could provide an EXTRA direct link for download that would be really wonderful.
    BTW , Ur website is awesome, keep up the good work.

    Best Regards


  2. T-Mobile HD2 with WP7 is working great. I was able to get Windows Live activation code and access hotmail and marketplace however, I am unable to download any apps. When selecting “Install”, a message says “Can’t get this info right now. Check back in a little while.”

    Been like this for two days now.

    Anyone else having this exper?


  3. Hey I have Windows Vista on my Lap Top do I need Windows 7 in order to load WP7 on to my HTC HD2 or will Windows Vista work just fine.

  4. hi jayce. i’m in singapore. can i use the live services of wp7 here? if yes, how can i get the activation code? thanks in advance. more power.

  5. hye Jayce. im already change my HTC HD2 to HD7. thanks for your help. 100% works.
    but i still have a few problems.

    first : i am Maxis prepaid users. the problem is when i call the Maxis operator in *100#, there is no keypad to reply it. it was a serious problem for me.

    second : i cant to save my contacts into the SIM card.

    third : how can i put the android system into this HD2? but it has already changes to WP7.

    fourth : i cant update it.

  6. thanks JC,

    i was able to install everything, but when i launched market place, i also able to pool some xap file but anytime i double click to save or deploy, i got error

      • i have found out the Solution to my problem.
        since the rom is already unlock, i only need to run step 1-5 from your thread:

        1.)Unzip Windows Phone 7 HTC HD2 Unlock Toolkit with 7-Zip ~ download link.
        2.)Install Windows Phone Developer Tools ~ download link.
        3.)Install Zune ~ download link.
        4.)Open Zune and connect phone to PC with USB cable.
        5.)Set your phone name as ‘HD7′.
        After that I then run Xap and then i can install all the XAP apps.
        ** 1 thing to note make sure your phone screen is always on and not lock **
        thanks for the guide.

  7. hi jayce i m a great fan of your.. few days back i have converted my HTC hd2(T-mobile) from windows 6.5 to android,,, but now,, i don’t know what happened my fone is struck on HTC screen ,,, booting is ok but later on nothing is displaying on the screen ,, plz help…
    plz.. i need my fone back to normal or i need windows or android plz send me a link


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