Turn HTC HD2 into iPhone 4

Yeah… I managed to make my HTC HD2 to be iPhone 4. Well, kinda by using Jaws-MIUI Android ROM + MIUI iPhone 4 theme. I only wish that it really can play iPhone 4 games. Really miss those retina display games.

MIUI iPhone 4 theme

To install ~ copy eng_iphone4.zip file to SD Card\MIUI\Theme folder. Then select it with Theme Manager. Reboot to Windows Mobile then back to android. Enjoy…

Download MIUI iPhone 4 theme here.


  1. Hey man, how did you get that htc style clock? and is it possible that u have a ROM for the US HD2 cos I guess the one u using is for the UK as it creates a 500MB ROM instead of a 1 gig which is for the US T-Mobile version

  2. hi,j..unfortunately,the apps cannot be move(failed to move) to sd card..do you have a same problem?i’ve try use move to sd(apps for market) but..i still can’t..do i have to enlarge data.img or another way to solve this problem..thanks for your concern…(–.)

  3. iam unable to install theme.
    i have MUI Andriod build by your method
    i dont have themes folder in sdcard/miui
    how should i install it?????


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