Unlock HTC smartphones bootloader void warranty – CONFIRMED

Unlocking your device may void all or parts of your warranty. That’s the statement that I get from HTCdev – Unlock Bootloader website when I tried to begin unlock bootloader. Well, you can ignore the may and parts words in that sentence. I double confirmed with HTC Malaysia (when I visited HTC Service Center in Penang). All HTC smartphones (including my HTC One X) warranty will void upon unlock its bootloader. No matter you install custom ROM, root it or leave it with stock ROM. Your HTC smartphone warranty is gone forever…

Unlock HTC smartphones bootloader void warranty

This is a bad move as HTC should mention Unlocking your device will void all of your warranty. Not to use may and parts words. This is a misleading statement because I personally thought that I still can claim warranty if the hardware is faulty and not caused by custom ROM / modification. Well, thanks HTC Malaysia to clean thing up.

To me, it is a big disappointment. Android is an open source platform. And it is made to further improve the overall usability and performance by all 3th party developers. So you don’t need to stick with official ROM while custom ROM can provide better support and features.

Do take note – Unlock HTC smartphones bootloader void warranty!!! What is the point of having 2 years warranty since unlock bootloader void it? In short, stay away from HTC smartphones (unless you are willing to give up the warranty)…


  1. Maybe a stupid question, but… Isn’t there any undo process? As in case of unrooting? Through some cable box, maybe? I just can’t believe that a company such as HTC would make such a mistake..

      • I reckon relocking the bootloader does leave some signs/traces of it previously removed?

        (If so, then it’s really a big problem, since root seems like a natural thing to do on Android.)

          • Seriously no one at the XDA-Devs or anywhere else worked that out? Seems like a hard nut to crack… I don’t envy You…

            • Yes, devs are working hard on it. And have good progress lately. Monitoring that thread since April. 3 months passed and we have engineering HBOOT S-OFF now. Waiting for production version…

              • Keeping my fingers crossed, even if I consider One X an inferior model (well, comparing XL or “XXL” could be another thing ; ), we need competition between companies, and not locking users from opportunities. Good luck!

  2. Hi, maybe another stupid question… I have installed another Rom (Miui) on my Italian Htc Desire months ago but now I live in Malaysia. Can I use another sim card with 3g conncection? In other words is my phone already unlocked and ready for other sim cards? Or I have to something else before buying a card and a plan with 3g connection? Thank you.


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