Download CleanDROID NAND Android ROM for HTC HD2

Want to have a clean Android 2.2.1 Froyo with CyanogenMOD 6.1? Here is the one for you ~ CleanDROID NAND Android. It is a super clean version as most of the stuffs like all Google applications and various other features, such as wallpapers are stripped off. You can’t even select live wallpapers too. A little bit too clean I think…


Quadrant score
Software information

There are around 300MB user disk space on HTC HD2. And LCD Density is set to 200 for the true HD look. By the way, this ROM is overclocked at 1190 MHz by default. I can’t underclock it by using SetCPU. Do take a note on that. So you can get high CPU score on Quadrant.

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download CleanDROID v1.35 [Kernel: GL v5b] NAND ROM here.

  • pejal85

    gud info from u jayce..

  • TonyKsh

    It’s a great NAND no bugs.

  • randy

    i am using a nand android on my hd2 and it runs pretty good, but i want a better one. i am currently using the desire 2.2 android and i want froyo. what would u suggest? i want to try something new here. u can email me at disciple4life1998 @

  • question

    He jayce,
    My flash isnt working anymore..
    Is there any way to fix this? Or is this just a problem in this build?

    • Try to reinstall Flash again.

      • question

        I didnt meant flash.
        I mean the camera FLASH 😉

        • Sorry for misunderstanding. It is not working from the start (after you installed this ROM) or just cannot use lately? Is your battery level above 30%?

          • question

            It just started working when i tried it again now
            So weird! But thanks.

  • Sam

    This build seems to be draining battery a lot after call.. its posted to upgrade the kernal to rafpigna 1.7
    how to you change kernals?? any help for this

    • Huh? I changed the kernel?

      • Sam

        i mean how to update kernal for NAND builds.. i read ur need Clockwork recovery to update kernal to rafpigna 1.7. Can i install clockwork recovery on top of an already installed NAND build, im using CleanDROID v2.00 – Super Clean Froyo + Cyanogen [Kernel GL_Core_v1 and i want to update my kernal to 1.7 rafpigna.. sorry for confusion

        • Sorry, that is not possible.

  • Sam

    Thnx.. so i have to install Clockwork first and then install NAND build again on it.. im assumin.
    any tutorials on formatting NAND and installin clockwork fromt scratch…

    Also jus wantd to ask.. say im running cleandroid 2.0 right now and i wana change my build to JD ultimate.. what would you have to do.. jus goto magloader > boot usb and run the install for new build?? will it overwrite the other build or somethin..


  • silentz

    hy.. im new in android, im success install MAGLDR113 to my htc hd2. but my htc keep on restart after success install MAGLDR113. can anybody give me step by step guide how to solve this problem. i want to use android in my htc phone.

    • Study the installation guide in the post.

  • takertx

    Hi there Jayce,

    thank you for the site it rocks

    The download link on this one is dead. know any other which works?