16/20 QuickLinks and Extended Appointments for HTC HD2

Yeah… I love xda-developers. There is lot of interesting stuff over there. One of the forum members, Co0kieMonster created a nice Manila mod to enable 16/20 quicklinks and 3 extended appointments for HTC HD2. And grid view in adding program. Love it.

4 appointments by swipe down

The standard Manila Home
Swipe up to get the standard 16 grids.
Swipe up again for the clear view
Select a Program in grid view

It is only working on WVGA Manila version 2.5.1920.2525, 2.5.1921.1619, 2.5.1922.3829 and 2.5.2011.2328. Hehe… I just know that HTC HD2 has so many Manila versions.

By the way, the registry setting for the mod are located in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTC\Manila\. Do soft reset after changing any setting.


[Co0kie.QuickLinksMode] – setting for home quick links
0 -> 16 QuickLinks (default)
1 -> 20 QuickLinks

[Co0kie.SelectorGrid] – setting fo add program screen
0 -> normal list
1 -> grid with 4 columns (default)
2 -> grid with 5 columns


Download 16/20 QuickLinks and Extended Appointments Manila mod here.


  1. hey .. i just wanna ask .. my hd2 keep pop out some error msg like service.exe and device.exe .. did u experience the same thing ? wat happen to my device ?

  2. Hello… I was using this file since 10 days ago (and I was very happy) that I updated to the latest version of manila 2.5.20181527.0 (through rom upgrade) and now it does not work!!! It conflicts with several stuff like calendar and alarm. Has anyone managed to make it work?

    Thank you


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