Add missing task manager on HTC HD2

Who need the task manager on HTC HD2? Yup. HTC did not put the usual task manager on HTC HD2 desktop. You need to do several clicks in order to dig it out. It is not very user friendly. But I can tell you that I don’t need to use task manager to end any program after using it for 1 week. HTC HD2 has more than enough memory for you and me.

Touch X Taskmanager

Yeah… Touch X Taskmanager comes to rescue. It will be handy to have task manager with one single click. Useful to kill those unresponsive programs. Download Touch X Taskmanager here. By the way, soft reset your phone after install.


    • I think I might have to disagree regarding HTC being 2nd tier. I’ve been a long time Samsung and LG user and have no experience with HTC, but their Nexus One is supposed by Google and that says something. Plus, it’s on Android too, and people like free stuff.

    • You don’t have a clue about the mobile phone/smart phone market, do you?

      HTC was the first ones to make a smartphone running Android (not Droid BTW – that is just teen speech) . About the iphone – nice for kids, just a toy with a not very nice music player – completely useless for business users unlike Blackberry or Windows Mobile.

      Don’t compare toys with tools

  1. Well, with better CPU power comes more power consumption. I just installed the new tweaked 3D drivers for my HD2 and that is supposed to up the powerconsumption even more, but I don’t care, it’s enough for my daily “work”. =)

    3x the speed in games are all I need… =)

  2. thanks… i really enjoying my HD2 now, still need to get used to the keyboard though.. one main reason i go for HD2 than Android since i read that it’ll get Win 7 updgrades.. believe this new OS will kill iphone for good haha

    Jayce, i hope u can share some good ring tones for us all.. i bet u hv plenty nice and cool one.. thanx

  3. I have found that the HD2 keeps programs running even though you have closed the programs. This drains your battery significantly, so you need to go the task manager and close the programs down- otherwise all the programs you used will still be running and will be draining your battery. Yeah you have enough memory to still function, but your battery will be down to like 11% every night.


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