Chainfire3D Pro MSAA Video Demo on Samsung Galaxy S2

I still remember the old time when 3D display card on computer can enable Anti-Aliasing function. AA graphics is great but the performance is slow if you don’t have a decent GPU. Samsung Galaxy S II ARM Mali-400 MP GPU supports Anti-Aliasing now. ARM mentions that Samsung Galaxy S2 can enable 4x MSAA with no performance drop while 16x MSAA outperform all implementations of comparable quality. Is that true? Let’s find out and do watch it in 1080p Full HD full screen mode…

I tested Celtic Garden HD live wallpaper, AirAttack HD, Can Knockdown 2, Guerrilla Bob, Destroy Gunners SP, Roboto and Reckless Getaway. Yeah, I don’t see any performance drop on 4x MSAA mode. 16x MSAA mode does slow down a bit. But that’s okay if you are willing to sacrifice performance to improve graphic quality.

Hopefully, my Chainfire3D Pro MSAA video review can help you make decision to buy Chainfire3D Pro at Android Market here or not. My advice… Samsung Galaxy S2 users, do get it!


  1. Hey jayce,Plzz help me….There iz an app named The art of rap which is compatible with sgs 2 i9100 but it displays a message saying that it isn’t compatible with this device.why so???


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