Samsung Galaxy S2 blue tint display issue

Yeah… Samsung Galaxy S II has another blue tint display issue. Some Samsung Galaxy S2 owners said their SGS2 has this blue tint display issue while some don’t. The blue tint is noticeable on my Samsung Galaxy S2 when I tilt it to the left. But no so visible to the right. See it for yourself…

67° Left | 45° Left | 22° Left | Center | 22° Right | 45° Right | 67° Right

As you can see, the colour is cooler when tilt to the left. But only dimmer when tilt to the right. Is this happened to all the Samsung Galaxy S2 Super AMOLED Plus screens out there? Or just few of the ‘lucky’ one?

Do you have blue tint display issue on your Samsung Galaxy S2?


  1. hi,
    I have the same problem on my SGS I, after replacing broken old display (without tint) with new one. I have claimed it and it has been replaced once again, with the same result and blue tint when rotating.

    It looks that there is a problem with the quality with sAMOLEDs…

  2. Exactly what happen when i first saw SGS2. Saw the first one and thought the screen was greenish. Saw another one, and thought it was yellowish. Saw more at expo’s, sales counters, I immediately put an iphone and my blackberry next to it and it shows bad tint all the time. Samsung bad QA?… I dont notice this tint problem with HTC Sensations.. my fav phone.

  3. I just brought mine and its really obvious blue tinge on the left hand side. Im not vrry happy with that i am going back today. Other than that phone is pretty great or thouhh dissappointed with the voice activated part as i like siri on iphone 4s and wss told thus phone could do the same


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