Download gauner1986 HD-FI NAND Android ROM for HTC HD2

Here is another HTC Desire HD build from xda-developer, gauner1986. Desire HD ROMs are very space hungry but this build still have 184MB of storage space available for your user files. It is based on the latest version of Desire HD Sense FRG83D (very close to stock) ~ Android 2.2.1 Froyo, gauner1986 own kernel with SMARTASS and INTERACTIVE governors. And RMNET enabled by default.

gauner1986 HD-FI on HTC HD2

Quadrant score
Software information

Yeah… This is the fastest HTC Desire HD build yet. With CPU score 4887, it is faster than stock Nexus One. A must try for HTC Desire HD lovers…

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download gauner1986’s HD-FI v0.3 [Kernel: gauner1986] NAND ROM here.


    • Don’t have it yet. Will try it myself first. If success == will come out one tutorial. But don’t think so soon because most of the chefs will update it by themselves. No worry, lot of great NAND android ROMs ahead. 🙂

      • hi Jayce,

        What is your best build for ur own personal view? term on speed, daily usage and most probably less “hang”?

        so what are ur recommendation on type of installations? boot from SD or just write/flash on the physical ROM/RAM (or what ever u might called it)?

        I recently bought HTC HD2, but i always got blackscreen as it hangs if i don’t use the phone maybe more than an hours and also sometimes even the 5 buttons down there not lighting up during hangs. i’ve tried with many build and give me same problems.. pls advise, thanks

  1. I am unable to set up my comcast e-mail account on this rom. I’m pretty it’s a POP 3 protocol but that’s not an option so I leave it as POP. Says the server isn’t responding. I try other protocols and get the same result. Is it perhas because I need to choose a security option? Or is my Comcast account simply not compatable with this rom? Other than this I am so very pleased and appreciative that this rom is available as it will hold me over til I can get my new phone. It’s jsut this one nagging issue that’s bothering me.

  2. I just have a few questions about this rom. Howcome the option to record in 720p is available but when I view the video afterwards, it’s nothing but green screen? I’m using VPlayer to play the video back. Other resolutions work fine, but not the 720p. Also, it says on the xda site that notifications sounds don’t work properly and I can certainly atest to that, but why is that?

    • 720p recording is not yet supported in Android HD2. VPlayer does not support 720p playback too. The built-in video player should be able to play 720p MP4 video. Sorry, not sure about the last question, please consult the ROM chef at XDA.

  3. sorry for commenting on the wrong ROM. i am using THIS rom and the SETCPU app does not clock it more than 998mhz. how do i overclock it?

  4. Great build and very fast!! Thanks a lot!
    I have had an SD version before installing the Nand version, now i’m suspecting there are still SD residue in my phone memory taking up space. Is there any way i can check and delete them?

  5. How do i delete them? I tried to re-install some apps which were installed before when i had SD version, but it just wont install. Some apps still showed the status of ‘Installed’ in the market. Do i have to do a factory reset?

    • For your SD card, backup everything to your PC. Then format it. Copy only those needed back in. As for application already installed issue, try to uninstall them and install back. FYI, I did not face this issue before.

        • What is the good or preferred ways to format the SD? Sorry as i am new to this and your instructions has been very good and detailed for newb like me.

            • U used SDFormatter. Everything now is working fine, all the apps are showing and installing normally. Thanks.
              Just wondering, how do u guys manage the phone memory since the Nand has taken a very large chunk of it, i found myself kept moving apps to SD.

              • I use JDMS Ultimate which is smaller than Desire HD build. So have more internal storage. In addition, I installed A2SD+ myself. So all my applications are stored at SD card directly now. 🙂

                • Aah kay, i am using A2SD too now 😀

                  Is it normal to experience “Application Not Installed” ? Some applications just refuse to install, i have tried them from both Market and Apk form using DroidExplorer. Even tried with SD unmounted/removed from slot.
                  I am just wondering whether this issue happens with this build or others as well.

                  Now other than that, everything is working SWEETLY ! Thanks a lot.

  6. From what i read, everytime we flash a new rom to a phone, the battery stats will get messed up leading it to battery wont charge properly and wont drain correctly.

  7. Hi Jayce,
    I installed Gaune NAND Andorid in HTC HD2. Now under SD & Phone Storage – > I am seeing UNAVAILABLE in Total Space and UNAVAILABLE in Available Space too. So I couldnt take a snap with my camera ( b/c its giving me a message saying that “Insert a SD card”. )

    But I am sure that I have the memory card in my mobile and its in good condition too. Because my PC can detect that memory card and I can Delete/Add data in the same memory card.

    Can you help me in fixing this SD card issue!!! Because I couldnt do anything!!!!

  8. Hi Jayce,
    I reformatted the SD card 3 times and tried with another new SD card too… My PC is detecting the card but not my mobile 🙁 . Dont know what else to do 🙁

  9. hi guys

    i installed this rom on my HTC HD2 its quit excellent rom of android i have ever seen. its working quit good every thing is working properly. later i found that problem that when i made a call and after finished the call by pressing power on button its going to a black screen and hangs. to get back i have to remove the battery, place it again and power on the mobile.

    can any one suggest me how to fix this problem as i love this rom

    any help will be highly appreciated.

    thank you

    Best regards

  10. Hi Jayce

    thanks for your feedback and spontaneous response to my comments.

    i tried almost 10 different andriod roms on my HTC HD2 and find the same problem. after making a call screen goes to into a black screen and hangs i have to reboot by device by removing the battery. i felt very bad for ant able to use andriod system on my HTC HD2 now i go back to windows 6.5 ROM which i dont want to use any more.

    if you got any support on my issue plz plz do let me know my email id is

    thank you


  11. hi jayce can you help me with nand android rom its everything ok but my camera when i want to take photo or to use camcorder doesnt work all i see is a black. I touch to stop record but becomes invisible please talk to me soon

  12. can i find it on other websites (other than multiupload) because the link u have is unavailable on ur website also not available on xda developers (give me an available link please)

  13. Flash player wont work.When it starts to load the vide,browser crashes.I tried with several internet browsers,but i get the same result…please help 🙁


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