Download & Install Kindle Fire Bootloader FireFireFire

Kindle Fire Utility is a must have tool for Amazon Kindle Fire. You can do lot of stuffs with it like root Kindle Fire, install TWRP & CWM Recovery, FireFireFire Bootloader… I installed FFF Bootloader with TWRP Recovery long time again. Both of them are old. So I decided to upgrade Kindle Fire Bootloader FireFireFire to latest version 1.4a. You won’t see yellow triangle screen anymore because it was replaced by nice Kindle Fire words. And has ability to choose boot mode ~ Normal Boot, Recovery and Reset Boot Mode. You won’t face stuck at fastboot issue (yellow triangle screen) anymore. Besides, it also support single boot directly to Recovery. And fixed Charging Mode which will pause the boot process and let the device charge if the current capacity is fewer than 3%.

Kindle Fire Bootloader FireFireFire

Personally, I love the latest version of Kindle Fire Bootloader FireFireFire. Do upgrade if you are using older version. More information can be found at XDA website here.


  1. Hello Jayce,

    I have a rooted kindle fire 6.3 and have installed TWRP 2.0
    and gederom cm9 from 07-05-2012
    how i install fff, from the side xda i don’t understand.

  2. Hello Jayce,
    I have a Kindle Fire 2 (code KFOT) which I managed to root (verified rooted). I now want to install FFF and TWRP but I am unable to do so. I can run adb and get root shell, I tried fastboot options from command line, tried KFU 0.9.6 through 0.9.9, none of them install TWRP or FFF. I get stuck on “” prompt when I run KFU and select TWRP or FFF options. The deice is online but bootmode shows up as unknown.
    Any ideas?


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