Download latest Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.8.0 and CHTEditor v1.8.0.0

Yes, xda-developers Co0kieMonster had done a great job again by releasing the latest and greatest Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.8.0. Thanks to johncmolyneux for its CHTEditor v1.8.0.0 ~ the Editor for Co0kie’s Home Tab. And many other developers that helping too. Well done!!! By the way, you will notice the animation is faster on this release.

Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.8.0 with Music player

Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.8.0 New Features

  • Many lockscreen improvements
  • New quick link types: switches, notifications and misc
  • Wallpaper controls: home, all tabs, lockscreen
  • Wide scrolling home wallpaper
  • 4 home levels and landscape are customizable
  • Tasks
  • New list control for appointments and tasks (unlimited item count)
  • Anything will hide behind the expanded app/tasks list (not just quick links)
  • Music player with 3 layouts
  • Text color settings
  • Analog clock is x-axis movable and resizable
  • Significant boost to quick links animation speed/smoothness
  • Tab slider is now always visible on white submenus (related to retractable slider)
Switches, notifications and misc quicklinks

Love these new enhancements. It replaced all the data connection on / off shortcuts like 3G / HSDPA data, Bluetooth, WiFi and soft reset that I installed previously. One thing to improve to make it perfect ~ add the ability to edit the quicklinks on the Manila Lock Screen instead of using the main page quicklinks. So that we can get the messages, email and call history with ease then. Or use HD Mini Lock Screen with lock slider shortcuts to display them all.

Outlook to-do tasks

Bugs… Bugs… Bugs… Sure that there are bugs around on each release. We are human. And we make mistake. I noticed 2 bugs which are the media player previous track placement miss alignment (sometime) issue and outlook tasks due date sorting issue. Looking forward for the bug fixes release v1.8.1. For those cannot wait, download the greatest Co0kie’s Home Tab now.

Download Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.8.0 here and CHTEditor v1.8.0.0 here.


  1. I love this app. This is a huge leap from the older verson. There aren’t too many bugs that I can see, but the one I have found seems to do something with the wallpaper and album. I keep getting hung up. Any suggestions?


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